Travel for Children – What Not to Do

Family vacations can be fun, but overwhelming at times, especially when running into a few challenges every time you travel with children. No matter if it’s your first time, or your fifth, traveling with kids can always be daunting


It can be really tough because you have to consider safety, scheduling, and expenses, among others, all at once. Parents have to be incredibly efficient with planning and time-management. To top it all off, they also must teach their children how to behave during travel. 

However, if you’re prepared and know how to handle any situation, traveling with your children can actually be the best experience you’ll ever have. Here are some traveling tips regarding what not to do when traveling with your children, continue reading to learn more. 

Travel for Children - What Not to Do

Don’t Pack Too Much

Overpacking only makes things harder when you’re traveling with kids. Packing lightly must be of utmost importance. Bring only the essentials because having less stuff will be more comfortable when heading to the baggage claim and toting kids around. 

Non-essential items can either be bought or rented at your travel destination. If you’re traveling together with your significant other, fit in and share some stuff with their luggage or your own. It’s freeing to only have a few luggage that only contains what you need. 


Don’t Keep Kids Up Far Past Their Bedtime

Commonly, children tend to have better moods in the morning, if they have had enough sleep during the night. If they were able to sleep early, they’d be up by 6:00 A.M., full of energy and excitement

Ensure that they’ll have the energy for your travel schedule by having enough sleep; otherwise, drained kids means big tantrums. Make sure your children are fresh-faced, bright-eyed, and ready to go.

Don’t Overbook Daytime Activities

As an adult, you surely need relaxation and chill time, and so will your kids. Do not get too excited about booking a lot of daytime activities as this will overwhelm your children. 

Although your kids will be energetic at first, they will eventually burn out after one to two activities and may want to take a break. Overbooking will be a huge waste of money if your children will not be able to go to your planned activities because they’re already tired. 

Do not forget to include a midday rest, which may consist of napping or simply relaxing for a few hours. This will ensure that your little ones will gain their energy back to get out there and experience more of your destination.

Don’t Forget to Bring a Stroller

Travel for Children - What Not to Do

Forgetting to bring a stroller or choosing not to may be a big mistake when traveling with your kids. If you have a bulky stroller, you may purchase a smaller one. It’s always better to bring your own than renting a bad airport stroller, which may cost too much.

Investing in a lean but sturdy stroller is best if you take a trip that involves more than a modest amount of walking. It can help you move from one place to another faster compared to when your child is walking. 

It’s also a good way for your kid to take some rest because they may even fall asleep in the stroller.

Bottom Line 

Every parent knows traveling with children is hard, but it’s always worth it than to skip a trip and stay home. To avoid being covered in a mess, praying for sleep in the middle of the night, and temporarily swearing to yourself (and/or your spouse) that you’ll never travel with your kids anymore. 

Follow these what-not-to-do travel for children tips. Above all these, do not lose your temper; keep your cool. Learn from those who have come before you and avoid their travel mistakes.