How to Create a Photo with Animation without the Pixaloop App

When it comes to bringing your photos to life, Pixaloop is the most popular app. Available for both iOS and Android users, it offers its users a myriad of features.


These features include adding 3D animation and photo filters, as well as sharing your final creations with other users. However, if Pixaloop is not your favorite app, there is nothing to worry about. Great alternatives are also available!

There are several great animation creators that you can choose from. We will do our best to guide you through creating a photo with animation and deciding on the right app for you.


Animate Me

Nowadays, GIFs or animated photos are much more popular than common animations that require more effort and professional experience. Thus, even if you have no animation knowledge whatsoever, you can create an internet hit with just a couple of clicks using an app such as Animate Me.

The first thing that we want to emphasize before moving on is that it is available only for iOS users. Thus, if you are an Android user, you will want to read on and check out the other app that we have listed below.



What is so great is that you can use this animation creator for a plethora of things, including turning your photos to life, adding faces, creating funny videos, and animating your pets or friends. 

The main issue that we have with it is that it doesn’t always run smoothly. Also, it is not the easiest when it comes to navigating through different tabs.

However, when it comes to creating animations from single photos, the interface that Animate Me offers is user-friendly. There are more than one hundred e-cards that you can choose and edit to achieve the desired final result.

The most innovative feature has to be the so-called “hero masks” that you can add to your pet or friends to make the GIF even funnier.

Last but not least, there are several funny and distinct sounds that you can include in the app and thus make an illusion that the figure in the photo is talking. If you are eager to try this GIF creator, then go to the App Store and download it for free!


When it comes to animation creators that you can use on your phone or tablet device, Loopsie is probably the most versatile one. Luckily, unlike Animate Me, this one is available for both Android and iOS users.

One of the best things when it comes to this software is that you can easily combine photos and videos into a single animation. Not only that, but the interface is user-friendly, and you will enjoy a plethora of pre-made solutions that are ready for output.

Sharing Options

As we have mentioned above, in most cases, you will want to share the final result with the rest of the world. If you decide to use Loopsie, that is going to be extremely easy, as it is connected to Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

The only complaint that we have regarding this animation maker is that the in-app guide is not detailed enough.

However, figuring it out on your own shouldn’t be too hard. Loopsie is completely free and can be downloaded through the Apple Store if you use iOS or the Google Play Store if you are an Android user.

Image Source: Hongkiat


Creating an animated photo has never been easier. While Pixaloop is the most recognized app on the market, we did our best to highlight a couple of other tools that are user-friendly and include several features that should help you create fantastic animated photos and GIFs. Good luck!