Common Myths About Solo Female Travel – Debunked!

Solo travelling is often seen as a brave, offbeat and extra-ordinary thing; especially if it is a female. While there are very few eyebrows raised when men want to wander alone, there are several stereotypes and myths when it comes to solo female travellers.


Solo travelling can be enlightening and jubilant. Nevertheless, in this modern era, the world considers it, especially as a female, a taboo. You must have seen the conventional media, warning you about the world being a scary place for women.

Let’s banish some of these misconceptions today.


What are the Common Myths of Solo Female Travel?

Common Myths About Solo Female Travel - Debunked!

As a woman, travelling alone can be an exciting and rewarding experience. If you are planning a trip on your own, go through these solo female travel myths…

1. The World is a Scary Place

Travel sensibly and you'll be the safest.
Travel sensibly and you’ll be the safest. (Source)

You might have heard that walking around by yourself may end up with you getting murdered or mugged!


Our friends, peers and elders have explained and warned us about the repercussions of travelling alone to foreign places; dangerous and treachery.

The fact is that if you travel sensibly and valiantly, you are probably safer than you might be in your own hometown.  

2. Travelling Solo is for Singles

Beautiful Single Woman in Croatia
Solo Travelling is for singles and couples alike. (Source)

They say that only ‘singles’ can travel alone. If people who are in a committed relationship are found travelling alone, society considers them guilty of neglecting their commitments.

Experts have come across many people who are in a committed relationship, yet like to travel alone for all kinds of reasons. Having a solo trip can rejuvenate you, especially if you have made a conscious decision to go soul searching on this solo trip adventure.

3. Do Not Talk To Strangers

American solo woman with a group of Indian women and children.
If you don’t talk to the locals, how do you experience a place. (Source)

‘Do not talk to strangers!’ this is the only phrase you have frequently heard every time you are away from home.

When you travel solo, everyone seems to be a stranger, unless you make efforts to interact with them. Talking to people from different places feels fabulous as they have interesting stories to tell. It is always good to talk to people and get to know them, but you should consider avoiding those who have caused you a slight discomfort. It is fine to be straightforward when safety and personal well-being are concerned.

4. You’ll be Homesick

Homesick woman sitting on the ground
Homesickness can happen to any traveller – solo or not (Source)

Going on a solo trip definitely makes you feel homesick. On your journey, you will have to manage everything on your own. You might end up missing your flight for bargaining an extra hour of sleep. Nevertheless, people believe that you have to be extraordinarily brave to travel solo.

6. Extremely Dangerous for Women

Handcuffed solo female traveller
If you are watchful and legit, it is not dangerous to travel to foreign places (Source)

If you have watched Brokedown Palace, you may remember how Claire Danes and her friend got imprisoned for alleged drug smuggling, which unknown to them, was planted by the captivating Australian they met.

A woman’s safety is a great concern abroad. However, several precautions like trusting your intuition, not getting drunk in a bar alone, and talking to locals about the do’s and dont’s of a particular place can be beneficial.

7. You are Jeopardizing Your Career

Digital Nomad working off the beach
You can build a career while travelling (Source)

Travelling solo does not necessarily mean that you are sacrificing your career.

What’s greater than learning about a new culture, lifestyle, people and places? You have to remember and understand that time-off, independence and travel do not jeopardize education. Solo travel tends to teach you things that even books and classrooms cannot.

Overall, solo travelling is an incredible experience. It is all about finding and creating yourself, meeting new people and exploring great places. Nevertheless, once you step out, you will be able to make uninterrupted big plans – solo in the future.

You may get a little edgy at first but after a few solos trips, you will never experience anything better.

One thing that will happen for sure is that you will have a great time and make countless memories!

Keep exploring, Much love! xx