5 Lessons From Japanese Women For A Longer And Happier Life

Famed for smooth skin and youthful complexions, Japanese women seem to understand that the beauty comes from within. They live longer than women from other countries and the secret… it’s not just what they eat, but how they eat as well, how much they appreciate their bodies and how they exercise on a daily basis.


Japanese Diet & Lifestyle Tips

5 Lessons From Japanese Women For A Longer And Happier Life

While other big, powerful countries are fighting obesity and trying to figure out where the fountain of youth is, women in Japan seem to have all the answers. Over the past 25 years, they have held the record for the highest average life expectancy which is 84 years and more than two million people in Japan are over 90. It is impressive! So what’s their secret? Let’s find out!

Treat Your Body Like a Temple

Japanese women are slimmer, healthier and more content

Women in Japan are not big fans of fast food restaurants. They like to prepare their meals at home, especially breakfast. They like tofu, eggs, green tea and rice, of course.


Their portions are always small, but enough to feel like you are 80% full. In fact, this simple habit can be your first step towards discovering the secret to a longer and more content life.

Mindful Eating

Japanese women eat smaller portions but fish and rice are irreplaceable

It is a tradition and part of their heritage, but you can learn to appreciate and enjoy every bite. It is something that should be passed down to future generations as a way of being more present and understanding that you are as healthy as your diet.


Long Walks and Bike Rides

Bikes are better for the environment as well as your body

In Japan, you’ll be amazed by the number of bicycles wherever you will go. Japanese women get their exercise by riding bikes or taking long walks, not only because they want to look good but because it is part of their culture. Being overweight is often seen as a sign of laziness, which is different to what we hear from Britain, Australia or United States.

Healthier, Happier

Japanese diet is great for physical and mental health

The Japanese diet is lean and balanced, consisting mainly of fish, seafood, whole grains, vegetables and tofu. The Japanese eat fish every single day, which is one of the reasons they have healthy hearts. Eating tuna, sardines, salmon, etc. protect Japanese men and women against cardiovascular failures.

Skin Friendly Foods Are Not Enough

Protect your skin to avoid premature aging

When you eat a lot of fish and you’re not too keen on sweets, your skin will be very grateful. Of course, Japanese women do like to take care of themselves and the most important thing that’s part of their beauty regimen is sun protection.

They wear gloves, hats, anything that protects them from the harmful rays of the sun because they understand that protecting your skin is not just about beauty but staying healthy. Sunbathing in Japan? That is not happening.

Implementing Japanese Lifestyle

Get your family and friends involved in your lifestyle changes

First, make sure you eat more fish. Replace bread with rice and do not eat too much; make small portions and avoid fast food.

Be more active by taking long walks. We are so used to driving wherever we go, but if we want to stay healthy – we need to get moving.

Get your family involved. Teach your children that walking or riding a bicycle is just as important as your brushing teeth. Go for family bike rides and explore nature around the city. If they insist on dessert, make sure it is something small and homemade.

For further information about embracing the Japanese lifestyle, there are some books you can read. My personal favorite is “Secrets of the World’s Healthiest Children: Why Japanese children have the longest, healthiest lives – and how yours can too”. It helps you understand that changing diets or doing Pilates is not enough. You have to change the way you think and make sure you spread that knowledge to your loved ones.

Treat your body like a temple and the mind will follow

Remember that maintaining a healthy lifestyle leads to a calmer mind. When you learn to slow down on your eating and get more exercise, you will get better sleep, your mind will be more relaxed and less prone to stressful response.

When your body and mind are in sync, it will show on your face. Staying away from the sun, removing make up before going to bed and moisturizing can help slow down the natural ageing process. Instead of searching for a perfect diet to try this month, change your lifestyle with these helpful insights from the land of the rising sun.