MBNA World Elite Credit Card – How to Apply?

Do you prefer a credit card that offers international accessibility and protection worldwide? If you’re a frequent traveler, it would be in your interest to peruse MBNA’s selection of worthwhile credit cards. Read on to learn about the features and benefits of the MBNA World Elite credit card and how to apply…


MBNA World Elite Credit Card Features and Benefits

True to its name, the MBNA World Elite Credit Card is perfect for people who travel the world frequently. When you use this Mastercard for travel, you are covered pre – and post-trip. Some of the benefits you are entitled to include lost document and ticket replacement, lost luggage assistance, pre-trip information, and legal assistance. You are also entitled to up to $1 million common carrier accidental death & dismemberment benefits.

Aside from coverage when you travel, you can also enjoy various perks when you shop using this card. Most purchases are covered with Personal Assurance for the first 90 days from the date of purchase.


This coverage amounts to a lifetime total accumulative limit of $60,000 per account. You can also enjoy an extended warranty of one year on your purchases. The Price Protection feature allows you to refund the difference when you find a cheaper price for a product you bought using your card.

This card also offers peace of mind and aids in case of financial issues. With 24-hour customer service, cash advances (from banks, ATMs and access cheques) and emergency cash transfers of up to $5,000, you are guaranteed maximum accessibility. For financial issues, you can use its CreditWise feature to help manage your credit obligations in case of involuntary self-employment, total disability, and other qualifying conditions.


Looking for a credit card for your travels for an international accessibility and worldwide protection? Better get your own MBNA World Elite Credit Card today! Here's how to apply:

Getting an MBNA World Elite Credit Card

Ordering this card can be done by visiting the MBNA website and filling out the online application.

You must be a Canadian resident within the age of majority of your province/territory.

You must also provide proof of your income which should be at least $80,000 (personal income) or $150,000 (household income).

Keep in mind that your credit limit will be based on various factors which can include your credit and financial status.

MBNA World Elite Credit Card Fees and Charges

When you avail of this card, you can expect to pay an annual fee of $120 for the primary cardholder.

For your purchases, you will be charged 19.99% as the standard annual interest rate.

This card allows you to get cash advances, with an interest rate of 24.99%.

Keep in mind that if you fail to pay your fees and charges on time, you can be charged a late payment fee.


The MBNA World Elite Credit Card is your best choice when it comes to worldwide coverage and shopping protection. With this card in your arsenal, you can travel and shop knowing that you have the best insurance on your side. Interested in getting this card? Get in touch with a representative of MBNA or visit a branch near your location.