Atlantis Odyssey – Learn How to Play

Atlantis Odyssey is a game that lets you discover its many secrets as well as its well-defined story. Most mobile games might turn you off from simplistic narratives and run of the mill gameplay mechanics, but Atlantis Odyssey defies that stereotype in many ways.


Atlantis Odyssey is a unique mobile game that is filled with interesting characters and an amazing story. As you slowly explore the mysterious island, you also discover many of its quirky characters and reveal even more compelling stories.

If you want to learn more about how to play Atlantis Odyssey, check out some information below and check out some tips on how you can play the game effectively.

Atlantis Odyssey - Learn How to Play
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Atlantis Odyssey – A Journey Into the Unknown

Atlantis Odyssey tells the story of two friends who are stranded on a mysterious island. Both of them begin to discover the area as they explore the island. Soon, they encounter many of the island’s inhabitants and befriend them. 

They slowly discover the island’s secrets including the fact that this is the lost island of Atlantis. Together with its beautiful graphics and very engaging narrative, Atlantis Odyssey has all the qualities of a great mobile game


Players start with a full bar of energy and spend it slowly as you take actions in the game. You will consume most of your energy at the start of the game by exploring and gathering resources.

As you explore more terrain, the layer of fog that obscures a certain area dissipates and reveals even more surprises for you. You will also get to encounter many different mini-games that will help you drive more energy and get you back into discovering the island and playing the game.


The game uses energy for every action that you make. If you encounter any obstacles, such as rocks, and other debris, you will have to use your energy to remove them. 

This action also lifts the fog that covers the area, so the more you try to explore the land, the bigger the island gets and you also encounter surprises along the way.

In addition to exploring the island, you will also need to set up camp which requires different resources. Players can also grow plants and produce many other resources to help you with your exploration into the jungle of the mysterious island.

Other challenging aspects in the game include tasks that reward you with extra energy, experience, and coins depending on the type of quests you take. All of these rewards will help you further the game and discover the hidden story behind the lost island of Atlantis.

Never Underestimate Quests

Quests are the saviors of this game. All the quests are located in the Quest tab and provide you with different tasks. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with additional energy to uncover more areas on the island.

Quests also push the narrative forward as you also follow the storyline of the game. But, the best thing about quests is that it surprises you with a lot of rewards. Always prioritize quests and you can even take on several quests at the same time.

Explore Areas Carefully

As you will soon discover in this mobile game, exploring the island without careful consideration will deplete all of your energy immediately. Learn how to explore carefully within the game. 

You need to be smart with consuming your energy, especially when it comes to removing obstacles. Make sure to check first where you want to go, so you can map out the direction that you are heading. 

This way, you consume less energy and uncover more land in the process. Survey the area before you begin exploring and see how much land you can cover within your set of energy for the day.

Keep Gathering Resources

Atlantis Odyssey - Learn How to Play
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As you explore and remove obstacles, you are also gathering resources for your farm back at camp. These resources will help maintain your farm and even expand it to a point that it becomes rewarding. 

Make sure to gather resources as you will also need them to complete quests that should help you get more rewards, such as stars, energy, and even coins.


There are still many things that you can do within the game of Atlantis Odyssey. Explore the vast areas, uncover mysterious locations, and meet a variety of characters that will help you reveal the truth about the island of Atlantis. 

Download Atlantis Odyssey from the Google Play store now! If you want to learn how to play other games, you can check out our other articles.