5 Ways To Stress Proof Your Home

Home is a place where you want to feel comfortable, it is your sanctuary and escape from busy life. With five small steps you can make your house or apartment become the perfect place to just be you, to enjoy your time off, with family, friends or on your own.


Having a home you cannot wait to come back to is all about creating that space which will quiet your mind and allow you to express yourself. If you have a family, make sure you include them in creating peaceful bliss and together you can make a list of simple rules on how to keep negativity away, from playing music to eating dinner together. So let’s build stress free home…

How To Create A Place You Can Call Home: 5 Tips To Improve Your Living Space For Health & Happiness

As the saying goes, home is where your heart is and you want to create a peaceful and stress free zone for yourself and your family and friends. Here are five easy steps to improve your living space and turn it into a place you can call home.

As the saying goes, home is where your heart is and you want to create a peaceful and stress free zone for yourself and your family and friends. Here are five easy steps to improve your living space and turn it into a place you can call home.


Pick the right colors for your home

Living space in neutrals

There are many books about the importance of colors we bring into our lives, from our clothes to work and living space. It is important to understand that each color has psychological value, so if you are unsure of which palette to choose and how to use colors, simply pick neutrals.

Avoid red, orange, purple and use lavender, soft pink, mint and baby blue. Add details to brighten up the place, but in order to clear your mind, make sure your home looks clean and feels safe.


Make space for home plants

Small home garden

You don’t have to make a whole indoor garden. A few living plants will improve air quality and even lower blood pressure and anxiety.

Our personal favorites are Haworthia, Calathea Freddie, Ponytail palms and Golden Pothos, because they not only look beautiful, but they are low maintenance. If you have hectic lifestyle, choose ones that don’t require too much care. Working on your plants is a form of mindfulness or simply living in the moment and enjoying the little things.

Clear the clutter

Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

If you haven’t worn it in a year, give it away. If it is broken, throw it away. You can even make some extra money if you have the time and sell some of the stuff you don’t use. A clean home means you can relax in it, no one can relax in the clutter.

Once you have removed the unwanted items, organize them. If you decide to keep certain things in a basement or storage, make sure you label it properly. Organize your closet, your spices, bathroom necessities, etc. While it may seem like a lot of work, once you are done, you will feel joyful and re-energized.

Check out “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”. While you may not agree with everything on the show, it will make you want to tidy up your place.

Bedroom is a work free space

Modern bedroom

TV, mobile phone, laptop, all electronic devices should not be kept in the bedroom. Recent studies show that all the gadgets transmit short-wavelength blue lights which are bad for your sleep and for your love life.

If you work from home, make an office-like space. It should be small and organized, but it should never be in the place where you rest. Good sleep is one of the most important foundations for a healthier life. 

The smell of your home

Aromatherapy at home

Finally, we all know that sense of smell can trigger emotions, memories, so it is highly recommended for your household to always have fresh air and calming scent. Use essential oils or candles, especially if you are feeling stressed out. Lavender, lemon, jasmine, rosemary, peppermint are among my favorite relaxing smells and they don’t only reduce your worry, they also provide better mood and productivity.

Again, just like choosing the right colors for your home, aromatherapy is a large field and you really have to explore it yourself in order to see what it is that will make your house feel like home.

Extra tip for a better home life

Family time with a pet

If you have a pet, spend time with it. It can be in your own time or it can include the whole family. If you don’t have a pet, maybe invite friends with a dog, so you can play around and just wake up that inner child in you. Connecting with animals is a great way to change your focus and recharge your batteries.

Stop thinking about the mansion you saw in a magazine and focus on what you’ve got and how you can improve it. Hopefully these tips will give you an idea on where to start and if you have some advice, please share it with our audience!