Worldpay Jobs – See How to Apply with FIS Global

In the world of online payment platforms, there are a million names in the business. Of course, everyone knows about PayPal, but what about other platforms? Allow me to introduce WorldPay to you.


You might be familiar with the name, but WorldPay is actually known as FIS since the company’s acquisition in 2019. The change in management just might put the company in the run for the top-dog spot in the years to come.

We’ve hand-picked three lucrative job opportunities that you may be interested in. Read on to learn about these opportunities at FIS Global, and how you can apply for them.

Worldpay Jobs - See How to Apply with FIS Global
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Business Development Manager 

The role of Business Development Manager is very important for the growth of any business. That’s because they build and foster relationships with clients. 

Not only that, they have the crucial role of keeping the company up to date on business competitors and the world market, which in this case would be the foreign exchange.


At FIS, Business Development managers are needed to build and maintain “trusted partner” relationships with clients, to maintain a steady sales pipeline by meeting annual targets, and to engage successful entrepreneurs. 

Where to Apply

It is a job description that requires the input of highly motivated and goal-oriented professionals. In return for your hard work, FIS offers a very competitive salary coupled with great benefits and bonuses. 

Most of all, the position offers the opportunity to interact with intellectuals who stop at nothing to achieve a goal. So if that interests you, then you can go on and apply for the position.


In today’s fast-paced technology-driven world, the need for engineers cannot be overstated. At FIS, engineers are needed to develop and mobile applications on which the company runs.

The engineers have the responsibility of creating responsive layouts to be accessed from every device, such as smartphones and laptops. They will be required to improve code quality through automation and reviews. 

And, they will work hand-in-hand with teams to produce long-lasting results when issues occur. Because of the technical demands associated with the role, experienced developers with 3-5 years of experience with vanilla JavaScript developments are preferred.

Candidates with UI frameworks and HTML5 experience are also welcome. If you’d like a shot at the position, you can go ahead and apply.

Data Scientist 

Think of the number of smartphones in the world, then the number of laptops, and the number of devices with microchips in them. The world practically drowns in data and that amount increases with every second. 

The need for Data Scientists is important now more than ever to develop smart solutions to data handling issues. Data scientists are responsible for coordinating the large influx of data from foreign exchange markets and clients. 

They are required to apply machine learning to model data-driven products, write codes in a variety of languages, and transform complex big data sets into usable formats.

Where to Apply

Worldpay Jobs - See How to Apply with FIS Global

As expected, the technical demands of this position place it off-limits to new data scientists; FIS prefers PhD holders in Statistics or Applied Mathematics. 

They look to employ professional with an intensive knowledge of data science tools and languages. Of course, to top skills off, they look to employ people with strong analytical skills. If you satisfy all these requirements, you can go ahead and apply.


It’s time for fresh and innovative methods to replace traditional bank methods. As much as the goal of FIS is to lift economies, there are a few challenges to that dream. 

That’s why they need solution-oriented people to help surmount the challenges, so that we all can share in a new age of rapid development.