Work And Travel In Australia: The Ultimate Guide Curated By 13 Expert Travelers

Being able to work and travel in Australia on a working holiday visa is the ultimate dream for nearly everyone. The one-year working holiday visa is available for most people up to the age of 35 to obtain.


In Australia, the average salary is around $68,000 and around $35 an hour. Experienced and skilled workers tend to double their salary up to $110,000 annually. This is enough for you to live a good life and be able to enjoy traveling around the country to visit amazing spots like the Great Barrier Reef.

In this guide, you are going to learn all about how to work and travel in Australia from 13 expert travelers who have already done it themselves.

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13 Expert Travelers Share How To Work And Travel In Australia On A Working Holiday Visa

With so many travelers working around Australia, it can be a saturated place for many but some expert travelers have experienced working and traveling in Australia on a working holiday visa. You can also check out travel job courses to learn more.

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These are the experts that you should look up to if you want to be successful.


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Chris, Backpacker Banter

Chris is one of the best travel bloggers right now when it comes to work and travel in Australia.

He has been campervanning from Perth to Darwin on the West Coast, experienced Christmas and New Year in Sydney and he has also bought a campervan on the East Coast as well where he lived out for the bulk of his stay.

His main advice is to save as much money as possible as you can burn through your savings rather quickly. He also has a blog that breaks down all of the costs in Australia that will be spread over a much longer period so you should check it out. You can also check out his Facebook and Instagram for more of his adventures.

Kat, Kat is Travelling

Kat is more about settling in Australia and finding long-term accommodation, especially for those who have a working holiday visa.

Hailing from the UK, it was rather easy to find long-term accommodation in her favorite city in the country – Melbourne one of the northern suburbs on Gumtree.

In a matter of days, she was able to move in with her two Australian housemates with a reasonable rent and a short train ride away from the city. You can check out more details about her life in Australia on her website and Facebook page.

Jennifer, Travel + Trust & Wanderlust

Jen moved to Australia and ended up in a small town south of Perth and took a job at a 5-star resort on the beach.

This would not have been possible if she hadn’t explored several job placement agencies around Australia. She suggested Work About where she was able to get a job the following week.

The job guaranteed 50 work hours a week which was good enough to work and travel in Australia. Check out more of her life on her Instagram page.

Jub, Tiki Touring Kiwi

Jub from Tiki Touring Kiwi specializes in hostel living and farm work, especially around the Bundaberg area where there are a lot of backpackers.

He was able to stay at a 6-bedroom dorm that paid around 210AUD a week and shared with other workers at a local farm.

For more details about his adventures, check out his Facebook page.

Anna, Global Gallivanting

Anna from Global Gallivanting is all about working at rural jobs in Australia for travelers. Her blog recommends a live-in job where you can work and have proper accommodation, especially in rural areas.

She mentions it is a great way to save a lot of money while having less competition for rural jobs. She has saved over $15,000 in 6 months of work at an outback pub.

You can check out her eBook for more of her adventures as well as her Facebook and Instagram pages.

Ying, Tiny Wanderer

As a Malaysian, Ying knows how lengthy the process is to acquire the coveted Australian working holiday visa.

Her best advice to get the visa is to prepare your documents early at least half a year in advance so that you will be ready.

She also got three jobs within a week after arriving in Australia after using Gumtree. You can find more advice through her official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

Nina, Where In The World Is Nina?

Nina recently finished her working holiday visa in Australia and what makes her different is that she worked full-time instead of traveling and working.

She lived in Melbourne for 6 months where she rented a $ 1-a-day campervan and Darwin for the rest of the year.

This made a huge bump in her savings account. Nina has a Facebook page where you can see all of her adventures.

Oksana, Drink Tea & Travel

Oksana recommends working immediately upon getting granted a working holiday visa. If you can find a partner in the country while working, you have more options for visa extensions.

You can work on a farm and become eligible for a second-year visa. Others can also choose to go through a skilled migration program and have a sponsor nominate them for a Skilled Visa. You can check out her blog for more details or her Facebook.

Monique, Travel Dance Repeat

If you’re finding it difficult to land a job in Australia after getting your working holiday visa, Monique has some recommendations.

You can work at a bar, cafe, or restaurant and you must have an RSA or Responsible Serving of Alcohol. If you have customer service skills, you can work in a call center.

There are also a lot of jobs such as carpentry and many other labor-intensive jobs. You can visit her Facebook for more details.

Tom, The Travelling Tom

If you’re traveling through Australia, Tom recommends Melbourne. There is so much to see and do that it is impossible to get bored.

There is culture, art, and sports in the city and it is also way easier to get work. Tom recommends Melbourne as it is considered the world’s most liveable city.

Check out more of his travels and adventures through his blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

Rachael, She Sees The World

When it comes to moving to Australia, Rachael recommends going through via student visa. It is much easier to transition to a permanent visa when you have a student visa in Australia.

While the living conditions are far more expensive than her native country Singapore and Canada, she has made proper adjustments to living in Australia.

Check out her real Sydney experience and more on her socials on Facebook.

Daria, Murashka Consulting

Work and travel in Australia is something that Daria from Murashka Consulting is quite experienced. She has been traveling in Australia for the last 6 months working and gaining experience.

As a Swedish citizen, she was able to work for a year with her working holiday visa. Working in Australia will require you to have a tax file number and if you want to take on other jobs, you can also have a freelance number so you can have more income.

Stephen, Irish Around Oz

Stephen talks about paying taxes while you work and travel in Australia and teaches you how to get an Australian tax refund.

If you’re able to stay over 183 days in Australia, you may become a resident for tax purposes and qualify for the tax-free threshold where you don’t need to pay tax on a yearly income up to $18,200.

With the recent backpacker tax, working holidaymakers will not be able to avail of this tax-free threshold but instead will only need to pay 15c on each dollar from the first dollar earned. Check out Stephen and more guides with his blog and his socials on Facebook.

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With all this advice from travel experts, are you convinced to go and work and travel in Australia? There are so many options to earn an income while you travel around Australia for a year that you can save even more money. Follow the tips from these travel experts and you will be able to have a stint of work and travel in Australia in your favor.

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