What Your Favorite Patterns Say About Your Personality

The connection between the human brain and colors is well established. But can we say the same about popular patterns? Yes, your favorite pattern can, to some degree, reveal what your personality is like. We picked out the trendiest as well as the most popular patterns used on blazers, jackets, dresses, as well as on home pieces. Here is what it says about you!


Fashion Psychology: Patterns Reveal Your True Nature

What Your Favorite Patterns Say About Your Personality

While it seems trivial, there are no coincidences; at least that’s what psychology taught us. Your favorite pattern can reveal much more than you would like to think. So here’s what experts have to say, and remember patterns are not just for clothes, but also for furniture and walls. So we are not just talking about fashion, we are also talking about your home preferences and what patterns say about your lifestyle.

Polka Dots

Polka dot is pattern for playful and easygoing people

One of two trendiest patterns of 2019 are adorable polka dots; very retro and très chic. So if you love them and you are glad to see them back in a major way, what does it say about you?


You are playful with a happy-go-lucky attitude. You are responsible, friendly, and you have a way of turning work into pleasure with your always positive, looking-on-the-bright-side mind.

Stripes in B&W

Organized stripes leave no room for gray areas

This is one of the timeless prints adored by all fashion icons. It is decisive, just like your personality. Everything is clear with no gray areas.


You can balance life well, and unlike polka dot lovers, you don’t like to mix business with pleasure.


Pattern for bohemian lovers and old souls

The other super popular trend of the year is paisley. This ancient print is loved by old souls and people who appreciate and respect some simpler times.

No wonder this print is a must-have in bohemian-styled homes and outfits. It is spiritual, has a sense of nostalgia, and it takes a special person to know how to wear it well.


Great choice for work and for play

The most loved pattern of 2018 is reserved for influencers. If Gingham is your favorite print, you are most likely full of ideas and you are not afraid to present them since you are born leader.


Colorful pattern for approachable people

Tartan lovers tend to be intellectual, but approachable people. You are a proud person and history lover. So, of course, you know that this print originates from Scotland and that there are many variations of this print.

Animal Print

Wild at Heart

If you are into animal prints, it is not hard to guess that you are wild at heart. Animal print is sassy and has a lot of personality, so only those who are brave enough can style it properly and feel like it’s their second skin.

Animal print stands out and so do you. While you don’t like to take orders, you are great at giving them.


Flower power for romantic travelers

Floral prints are feminine and elegant. They can be worn at any occasion, revealing your romantic and melancholic nature.

Floral print lovers are more likely to be drawn to exotic destinations and they do love to travel, but they are never a tourist. They want to experience the local life while relaxing and enjoying every minute of their chosen destination.

Colored Stripes

Sometimes you lack structure, but you are always creative

While black and white stripes are for people who know how to separate business and pleasure, colorful stripes are reserved for those who enjoy a bit of more chaotic life.

You have a tendency to fly high and it can create problems, but you are just creative and you see the world with all its shades of gray.


Lack of patterns and prints is a powerful fashion statement

It’s no coincidence that power suits are in one color with not much fuss around them. It is all about career and this is the reason the monochromatic look is reserved for people who are business savvy.

You are saying: “My clothes are not as important as what I have to say.”

Fashion psychology is growing in popularity and we are learning new things everyday. So even if you are still not a firm believer in this science, it is amusing and makes you see your outfits in a whole new light.