What Is Guided Imagery Meditation? Learn Here

Meditation is fast becoming the best way to help people relax and get them through some anxious moments. That’s why today, you have some of the most sophisticated meditation ideas than ever before. And, each one proving quite different from the other and with different styles.


One that has quite a growing popularity is guided imagery meditation, and the style is focused on the five human senses. The aim of this style is to help do away with negative ideas and bring in a more positive healing process. 

You can learn more about guided imagery meditation by reading below. Info on how you can perform the meditation process and what is incurred through the process of imagery meditation can also be found here. Read on to learn more.

What Is Guided Imagery Meditation? Learn Here
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What Is Guided Imagery Meditation?

As stated before, guided imagery meditation is the meditation style that seeks to utilize all the human senses, that’s touch, smell, taste, sound, and vision. The idea is to build imagery of what you want to an extent that your body feels as if it is real. 

With traditional guided meditation, you did have to use a physical object. This helped with bringing smell and touch to the subject. Here, however, your brain does a huge part of the heavy-lifting involved. 


And, with your mind bringing in the imagery process, you’ll be more in touch as your main focus will be in the brain than any other part of your body.

How it Can Help

You may have an idea of what meditation can help you with, and majorly it’s about relaxing your mind. But, with this type of meditation, there’s more than you can achieve when you perform it. For example, it can help stimulate changes, especially with the rate at which your heart is beating.

Your heart rate, while high, is one of the major reasons why you’re anxious. Another part that the meditation process can help you with is in terms of your health. When done well, guided imagery meditation can help you lower your blood pressure.

With your heart rate being changed to a much lower state, your blood pressure will also be stable. This will in turn also change your respiratory patterns to many healthy ones and will help your general health.

Difference with Visualization

This has been one of the contentious subjects about guided imagery meditation. Some people tend to believe that visualization and guided imagery are pretty much the same things, but they aren’t. As stated before, with guided imagery, there’s nothing that you’re holding on to or smell.

Your brain does the job by creating an image and how it’s utilized all across the other parts of your body. When it comes to visualization, the concept is based on a visual aid (something you can see, touch, or smell.) To some extent, this can only come close to comparison with hypnosis.

How to Practice at Home

What Is Guided Imagery Meditation? Learn Here
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To clear up the previous paragraph, hypnosis requires a hypnotherapist or hypnotist and the participant – in this case, you. For guided imagery meditation, you can do all this on your own and you can find out how below.

First, you need to find a relaxed environment where you feel comfortable. You can either have calming music on the background or you can use total silence. You can then construct peasant memory you have, it should be as fresh as you can possibly remember.

You then need to have all the senses heightened, for example, the aroma in the room, the temperature, how you felt while there should all be on point. This should be like that daydream you have come to life. Let your body do the rest for you as you slip slowly into the moment.

You can construct any image you want as there are no limitations to how far you can go. You can even include your goals for the imagery. And you need to do this for around 10 minutes a day. And, you need to let the imagery take control of your entire body with no mark being missed.


One thing about meditation is that it helps you take full control of your body and relax your senses. And, there aren’t many that can help you do that better than when you perform guided imagery meditation.