Adventure Blogs – Learn Everything There Is to Know

It seems like everyone wants to know how to become a travel or adventure blogger these days. Getting the opportunity to make money online while pursuing your passion for travel is something we’re lucky to have in the internet age. 


It’s hard work and time-consuming to run a good adventure blog (or any blog in any industry). Putting posts up does not trigger money to go down like rain. You’ve got to work through it. 

Adventure blogging isn’t as straightforward as it looks from outside. In the background, there is a lot of work going on that most people do not see. Read everything there’s to learn about making a great adventure blog.

Adventure Blogs - Learn Everything There Is to Know

Find Your Niche

Travel or adventure is already a niche, but blogging about travel might get you nowhere in today’s blogging world. You need to stand out, and if you write about something that you are passionate about, it is easier to do so.  

There’s always something more specific to identify your blog with, like backpacking, luxury travel, food, etc. Take some time to contemplate what makes travel unique to you. The earlier you select a blog niche, the more you can hone in your voice and find an audience.


Knowing Your Audience

Choosing your niche as soon as possible allows you to paint a clearer image of who your audience is and help you to communicate for them. You couldn’t be an expert on it all, and if you pretend to know it all, people are less likely to believe you. 

Your audience would be more likely to remain involved and trust you if you stick to one area of expertise, such as responsible travel, rather than covering a variety of subjects, such as travel, food, and lifestyle.

Creating Your Blog’s Name and Domain

Believe it or not, you must have a good domain name. It should be short, catchy, and memorable if possible. It’s best if your name represents your niche

If you are in the niche of budget travel, then select terms that represent that. It will be different if you are in the niche of luxury travel. Do not have hyphens in the domain because it makes it more difficult for people to remember.

When you’re decided on your blog’s name, you’ll need to verify if there is a domain for that name. If the domain is unavailable or taken, you’ll need to think of a new one. You’ll need to purchase it after finding a domain that you want and is available.

Getting Hosted

After selecting and buying a domain, you’ll need a location where you can host that domain, a house where you can host your travel blog.

Your blog needs a place to stay. Much like the domain, hosting services typically last for one year and are eligible for annual renewal. Buying your domain and host in the same places is the best move.

Go Daddy, Siteground, and Bluehost are a few examples of hosting providers that also offer you the chance to purchase your domain.

Installing WordPress

WordPress is the best and most popular blogging platform to use these days. It’s excellent for SEO (search engine optimization), so using it will enable you to rank high on Google considerably, which will bring the traffic in. 

BlueHost and HostGator have easy “one-click” WordPress install buttons. In your control panel, you’ll see a “WordPress” button or “One-Click Install”. Simply hit that, and follow the instructions to install it.

Gaining Readership

Adventure Blogs - Learn Everything There Is to Know

There are many strategies to increase blog readership. You will need to do extensive research on who reads your blog, what they care about, and what content types resonate with them. 

You will put some serious manpower into making your blog content and optimizing each post patiently so that more people see it. You’d also want to set up a conversion route to get your blog readers to build confidence in you and keep reading your blog posts.


With consistency over time, adventure blogs can turn into a way to earn money. But, it’s not that convenient, and it definitely isn’t going to happen overnight. More often, those who think only of a blog as a way to make money are the ones who quit writing after a week.