Best Motivational Quote Apps to Guide Your Daily Meditation

Motivational quotes can completely change your mood in as much time as it takes you to read them. Most people have a wheel of negative talk constantly turning in their minds, a motivational quote can put a brake on it and help you think differently.  


Studies show that if you consistently have positive self-talk, it builds on your overall self-confidence and positive attitude. On the flip side negative talk just brings feelings of failure and discouragement. This happens even to the best of us, and the best thing you can do is try to switch your mind space.

You need to realign your thoughts and focus on the positive. Of course that is easier said than done, which is where motivational quote apps enter. These apps will do the thinking for you when you sit down to meditate. We’re going to tell you more next.



Once you download this app, you will be able to record your positive affirmations in your own voice. When you feel energy is high and you’re feeling good, you can come up with your own statements and record. If you’re feeling low, the app will give you suggested quotes that you can say out loud and record. 

Once you have all the recorded statements, you can start listening at any time you feel. You can mix them with music, or you even set schedules to listen to them. Be sure to record as many as possible so you can always have something new and fresh to listen to.



This is a text message service. Once you visit their website and sign up by providing your name plus phone number, you will be put on their text list.  And that means every day you will receive motivational messages to take you through the day. You will also receive tips on what you should do to feel better about yourself.

Smiling Mind

This is a nonprofit organization aimed at giving positive experiences to people. Funded by psychologists and educators, what they do is backed by scientific evidence, you can be sure the new habits you are taking on will only take you in the right direction.

Once you have downloaded the app, you will find different meditation options that you can make use of to eliminate negative energy. The beauty is, this app accommodates both adults and children alike, and it is also packed with different meditation programs such as education, sports, workplace, and so on.


This is a web app with an ever-growing list of motivational messages and affirmations to help you through your day. After signing up, which is free, you can go ahead and create your personalized affirmations from the topics created by the community. 

It has categories ranging from success, confidence, relationships, money, abundance, strength, work, creativity, and so much more.

Instar Affirmation Writer

If you want to write and also manage your affirmations, then this is the right app to download. This app has a user-friendly interface, and you will be able to schedule your alerts and set reminders, so you don’t forget to write down your affirmations.

There is more, you can also record instead of write, and you will be getting daily tips on how to improve your affirmations. You can also categorize them so that you don’t get confused and also be able to monitor your patterns.


Having a gratitude app is one way to practice speaking positively about your life. You come up with things you are grateful for and then record them on the app. This is more of a journaling app to keep your spirits high. It is free; however, to access the premium features, you might have to pay.

Bottom Line

Keeping your spirits high can be difficult sometimes, especially since you’re probably your own worst critic. Motivational quotes help you replace your negativity with ideas that you might have difficulty thinking up on your own. And with these apps to help you, it’s almost like having your own positivity coach.