US National Park Guide – Discover These Top 5 Parks Open in Summer

Forget about restaurants and indoor play spaces, national parks have more thrills than any cement creation. Summer weather is just unbeatable, and this means you can roam outdoors and experience adventures you wouldn’t think of when it’s chilly.


Even with a plethora of tourist attractions like museums, theme parks, and galleries, the national park reigns supreme. It’s a chance to get out and taste earth, air, fire and water in its elements. For most people it’s a rejuvenation of sorts. 

Nothing beats outdoor activities. You know going to some of these places is so therapeutic and could be the perfect remedy for you. If you are the person I am talking about, here are the five national parks open this summer for you to check out.

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Carlsbad Caverns – New Mexico

Found in southeastern New Mexico, this national park was discovered by a smart boy named James White. After that, a group of other explorers came upon the space and eventually it became a national monument and a national park.

This Carlsbad Cavern is usually hot in summer and cold when you go deep in the caves. It’s crowded during the summer months, but if you stay overnight, you’ll see a show to behold as you watch dusk and dawn and the bats leave and also return.


Grand Teton National Park: Wyoming

You will find so many people traveling to Wyoming during summer to visit Yellowstone National {ark and 10 miles towards the north you will find open meadows, jagged peaks, and other pleasant views that you don’t want to miss out on. 

It remains one of the most popular national parks and attracts more in summer than other seasons. It also has lots of RV parks, and you can also check out the summer fun of Jackson Hole, a stone throw away.

Redwood National Park: California

Here you will find some of the tallest trees in the world. The California Redwood is a jewel and you can hike and experience their beauty for yourself. It is one place that experiences rain for most of the year so remember to take that rain gear with you. The rainbows you will see will make up for it. 

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore: Wisconsin

This is a kayaking and canoeing paradise, and it is made up of about 12 miles of lakeshore, 21 islands. No wonder it earned itself its famous name “Jewels of Lake Superior” because of its beauty. If you are looking for beaches, cliffs, water, and anything in between, all that can be found in the Apostle Islands. 

It is a perfect place to bring your family to unwind and have some fun.

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Mammoth Cave National Park: Kentucky

This is home to the world’s longest cave system, which is about 390 miles long, found in the heart of Kentucky. This place has many spots that have not yet been explored, and you will also see an underground pool, stalactites, stalagmites, and so much more. 

If you are looking for ways to beat the heat and explore what mother nature has to offer, then this is the place for you. 

Bottom Line

If you are looking for ways to get out of the house and escape the loud noise of the city, you might want to check out any of these open US national parks during the summer. There are many activities you can indulge in from hiking, swimming to bird watching and so much more.