Ultimate Golf! – Learn to Play the Mobile Game

Ultimate Golf! is a real-time game that is usually played by two players who race each other to putt the ball in as few plays as possible. You are able to have a competitive advantage as soon as you master the mechanics of the game.


Before you take any shot in this game, you will need to be placed in Aim Mode, and from this view, you are able to get a high level of view for your projected shot simply by using the “shot arc”. This also shows you where you are currently aiming.

In this article, we will discuss different methods of how you can play the mobile game, Ultimate Golf!. Read on to learn more about this game.


Ultimate Golf! - Learn to Play the Mobile Game

Hitting the Ball

When you are ready to play and have placed your aimer where you would love to hit the ball, simply touch the button marked “SWING”, which is on the lower side of the screen. 


Next, touch the ball and then drag it back into the circle.

Try to line up the ball within the circle and then hit it where you intended. If you are able to pull the ball beyond this circle, then it will go further, but if you pull the ball back short of the circle, it will be shorter.

You can then release the ball when the arrow is in the center and then hit it where you had aimed. If you happen to release the ball too early, or too late, then it will go left or right, and hitting it in the dead center will result in an ultimate shot in this sports game.

Drawing or Fading the Ball

Now, when you pull the ball back to the left, it will draw to the left, and if you pull it to the right, it will fade to the right when it is struck. 

The amount of draw and fading you apply is reliant on how far to the left or to the right you pull.

How to Play with Wind Conditions

You do have to account for wind separately. Now, if there is a heavy left to the right wind, you need to adjust your aim to the left, so you will be able to hit the ball

The wind will blow it back to the original target location.

How to Add a topspin, Sidespin, and Backspin

When you are in the Aim Mode, and on course, choose the ball icon on the lower left side of the screen. This will bring up a screen that has your ball on the display. Rotate this ball in the direction you wish to bounce it when it lands.

The spin you apply on the ball is determined by the stats of the club you are actually holding and the ball you are using for the shot.

Benefits of the Game

Ultimate Golf! - Learn to Play the Mobile Game

Ultimate Golf! offers a real-time and synchronized kind of play, and it is a unique game that can be played by up to 20 players. 

It introduces you to key golfing equipment, and the game features real golf courses from the temple terrace, the Wolf Creek Golf Club, the Harbor Town Golf Links, and the Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course.

It also has stunning 3D graphics and console-leveling, and it is a realistic game with perfect golf simulation.


You can download this game from the Google Play Store, and start your journey towards Ultimate Golf!. It is simple to learn and follow. 

Plus, if you are a huge golf fan, then this game will be a great way to pass the time as you try to tee off right on your mobile phone.