Basketball Stars – Learn How to Play

Sports video games are a highly competitive type of game. They pit one player against another, and they see how good they are at the game. This makes sports video games even more popular especially to athletes and active gamers.


One great example of a good sports game is Basketball Stars. Basketball Stars is a fast-paced multiplayer basketball game that allows you to show off your skills in shooting scores and flashy moves.

If you have the skills in this game, you will likely get to the top in no time. Read on to learn more about Basketball Stars, and how you can play it.

Image Source: Crazy Games

What Is Basketball Stars?

Basketball Stars is a competitive basketball mobile game from Miniclip. It offers realistic 3D graphics that is suitable for the small screen on your mobile devices. All players are rendered in 3D and are customizable including the environment.

The app also has two multiplayer game modes that you can choose from. Shooting Race requires you to shoot and score as fast as possible and the player with the highest score wins the game.


The Attack-Defender game mode is a one-on-one game wherein one player is the attacker while the other is the defender and blocks as many goals as possible.

Basketball Stars is currently available for download through the Google Play store and the App Store. The app offers authentic gameplay and offers very easy to learn, but hard to master mechanics. It has over 400 items and basketballs that will bring new flavor to each match.

How to Play the Game

There are a lot of ways on how to play Basketball Stars. These tips will help you master the controls and mechanics and later on, improve your overall gameplay.

Don’t Forget to Unlock Balls

Basketball Stars have a lot of cosmetic items that will make you look cool and ready for the court. However, the game also features different kinds of balls that have in-game stats in them to help you with the game. These balls can be unlocked as you play the game.

The game offers a wide variety of balls that affect how you play the game. The more you unlock the featured balls, the more likely you have an advantage against your opponents.

Most balls have enhanced accuracy and others have increased travel time so you can shoot the ball more quickly. You will not be able to unlock all of them at once so you will have to use a different set at the beginning.

Once you reach a certain level, the game will allow you to unlock certain types of balls that will give you all the stats you need. The more you play the game, the more balls you can unlock.

Practice Makes Perfect

It is always best to start with the Shooting Race mode to make yourself comfortable with the controls of the game.

Shooting Race also teaches you about accuracy in shooting the ball, allowing you to have a certain level of skill by the time you choose to play other game modes. Once you are comfortable enough with your skill, you can choose to play Attacker-Defender.

Be Vigilant

Just like playing basketball, you will need to be careful and be observant at all times. Make sure to check the power meter on the left of the screen which tells you the amount of energy you will be spending to throw the ball.

The power you use will depend on how far you swipe on your screen as well. Swiping too hard might use a lot of energy which means that it can go over the basket.

Always make sure to check the power meter and use the right amount of energy to throw the ball and accurately make a score.

Accuracy Is Key

Accuracy is one of the fundamental skills in basketball and that remains true in Basketball Stars. Perfect shots will help you earn more points than the usual shots.

These perfect shots can even earn you more points if you are on a streak. Earn points if the ball hits the board before getting into the basket. This is where accuracy is at play.

You will need to master the speed, power, and the way you swipe your screen to accurately shoot the ball. The more your practice this in Shooting Race mode, the more likely you will do better in the Attacker-Defender mode.

The Attacker-Defender mode will likely bring a lot of different distractions on your screen so it is best to harness your skills first so you can play a better game than your opponent.


Basketball Stars bring the adrenaline action into your mobile device with its simple controls and in-depth gameplay mechanics. It offers a wide variety of challenges for players that want to excel in basketball.

Those who are competitive in nature will truly find this as one of the best mobile games they have played