8 Travel Mistakes to Avoid and Tips to Remember

We travel to forget our worries and have some good times, even if just for a little while. But, sometimes we lose control and tend to unknowingly make unfortunate travel mistakes.


And these mistakes will either give you headaches or worse, ruin your trip. Maybe you are wondering about what travel mistakes could entail. Well, wonder no more, because StoryV is here to go over the 8 common travel mistakes you should avoid, as well as tips to guide you in the right direction.

8 Travel Mistakes Tourists Unknowingly Make

1. Eating near a tourist spot.

8 Travel Mistakes to Avoid and Tips to Remember
Eating near a tourist spot
Image from USA Today

Of course, it’s easy to notice that foods and drinks are a little more expensive near or in a tourist spot. This is because of supply and demand. Wherever food is close and convenient to other tourist sites, it will be drastically more expensive.


While some tourist spots need a little driving, hiking, or walking to, the same goes for the work put into transporting and supplying foods there, too. And if you add the opportunity for business owners to hike up the price because of the demands of hungry and tired tourists, you know you’ll be in a pinch.

Everyone wants to experience what it feels like to eat with a scenic view and backdrop. And so to save a little money on this chance, it might be better to eat before going to a tourist spot or better, bring your own packed meal!


2. Buying bottled water.

8 Travel Mistakes to Avoid and Tips to Remember
Drinking bottled water
Image from Hive Miner

Next to food, we all need water. And when you’re traveling, you especially need to stay hydrated any chance you can get, because you’ll likely be walking a lot and spending time in the sun.

That is why bringing a water tumbler is a great idea when traveling, rather than buying bottled water that’s at an additional cost for you. Plus, you are not even sure if that bottled water is safe and clean, depending upon where you buy it. So bringing a water tumbler will both help you save money and ensure your best health on the go!

3. Procrastinating charging time.

travel mistakes
Charging a dead phone battery
Image from Pixabay

Are you eager to leave your hotel room but still need to charge your on the go electronics? You can’t stay inside all day, and you won’t want to be on the go without a phone. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll feel stressed during your travels.

But, not to worry. You don’t have to stay inside the hotel room and wait until your gadgets are fully charged. You can use any card into the key card slot and bring your key card with you while electricity in your room keeps running. And voila, the charging time continues. But always note that investing in a power bank is the best thing to do.

4. Getting directions from one source only.

8 Travel Mistakes to Avoid and Tips to Remember
Getting directions from only one person
Image from Flickr by Elliottng

You don’t realize this travel mistake until you’ve already wasted your time going the wrong way in a foreign city for hours.

Yes, it is true that locals know more than you do about the destination. But they don’t know everything. So when asking directions, it is better to ask from different and multiple sources to validate that the information given to you is right. You can ask the hotel receptionist, a concierge, guards, or drivers to make sure you won’t get lost. Make use of the internet if available, too, and do your research.

5. Assuming prices and rates.

8 Travel Mistakes to Avoid and Tips to Remember
Getting a currency estimate
Image from Dribble

Aside from asking multiple sources about directions, you should also ask about the regular fare or how much it usually costs for someone to reach the place you are going to. This will help you avoid becoming a victim of overpricing drivers.

If you’re going to a non-English speaking country, you can make use of a calculator for easier conversion and communication with local drivers. And again, make use of the Internet and do your research when traveling.

6. Having PDA in conservative places.

8 Travel Mistakes to Avoid and Tips to Remember
Couple showing PDA
Image from Pexels

Some countries are very conservative. You could take Dubai for example, where PDA, or public display of affection, is prohibited. While it can be sweet and lovely to travel with your romantic partner, you need to assess first if the country you are going to agrees with the way you show love.

Chances are you’ll be fined for violating or you might be faced with dismayed or disapproving eyes if you don’t follow the laws. So remember, when traveling, it may be safer or better to keep your PDA to a minimum, depending upon your destination.

7. Eating while walking.

8 Travel Mistakes to Avoid and Tips to Remember
A woman eats while walking
Image from Healthline

Eating while walking is a sign of rudeness in countries like Japan and Italy. It is seen as an impolite gesture. While for some it’s a way of multitasking, for the Japanese it shows lack of common sense and bad manners.

Without proper attention, eating while walking can also be a reason for you to get into an accident, too. So to avoid these conflicts, it is better to relax and finish your meal first before walking to the next adventure on your itinerary.

8. Shaking hands with strangers.

8 Travel Mistakes to Avoid and Tips to Remember
Two strangers shake hands
Image from Airport Parking Reservations

For most countries, a handshake is known to be a way of greeting and introducing yourself to someone new. But for some, shaking hands with a stranger means trouble. It is also one of the major ways of spreading and contracting germs and disease.

It may seem unfriendly not to shake hands when abroad, but there are other ways for you to show your respect and greetings to others depending on where you are going. When in doubt, just wave, or say something kind and introductory!

These are just some of the travel mistakes that we often unknowingly make when traveling. Hopefully this article will help you to be wise and resourceful on your next trip. Don’t let small mistakes ruin your long-awaited vacation! Take these reminders in mind and avoid making these common mistakes when traveling.