Tips For Visiting Lake Mckenzie And Things To Do In The Area

Are you planning a trip to Lake Mckenzie in Australia? This unique and one-of-a-kind body of water will surely take your breath away.


Because of its stunning landscape, great sunsets, and crystal clear waters, people of all ages will find something to love at Lake Mckenzie. 

Read on and learn more about the site, what it has to offer, things to do, and some tips while staying in this gorgeous area. 

  • Lake Mckenzie: A World Heritage Site Within Another
  • History Of Lake Mckenzie
  • Swimming In Lake Mckenzie
  • Camping In Lake Mckenzie
  • Safety Tips When Visiting The Lake
  • Touring Nearby Attractions
Tips For Visiting Lake Mckenzie And Things To Do In The Area
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Lake Mckenzie: A World Heritage Site Within Another

Lake Mckenzie is a stunning lake in Queensland, Australia. It is one of the many lakes in the UNESCO World Heritage Site Fraser Island and is located in the Great Sandy National Park

Tips For Visiting Lake Mckenzie And Things To Do In The Area
Image Source: Fraser Island Tours

Also a UNESCO World Heritage Site itself, Lake Mckenzie is the most visited place in Fraser Island and proves to be an excellent place for exploration, relaxation, and discovery. 


About 1,200 meters in length, 930 meters in width, and with a surface elevation of 100 meters, the lake is a perched dune lake, which means it only holds rainwater. It is one of the 40 perched dune lakes on the island. 

The thick layer of sand and organic matter at the lake’s bottom prevents any rainwater from draining away, making the lake full all year round. 

Pure White Sand 

One of the most stunning features of the lake is its surrounding pure white sand that is pleasing to the eye and pleasing to touch because of how incredibly soft it is.

Made of pure, white silica, the sand acts as a filter that keeps the water crystal clear. Because of the water’s purity, the lake cannot support much marine life. 

However, the white sand can act as a natural exfoliant for your skin because of its purity and cleanliness. 

History Of Lake Mckenzie

Fraser Island, where the lake sits, is known to be the largest sand island in the world. It was discovered by James Cook in the 1770s and has been inhabited by Aboriginals for at least 5,000 years. 

Tips For Visiting Lake Mckenzie And Things To Do In The Area
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The Butchulla people, who were the island’s original inhabitants, called the lake “Boorangoora” as a nod to the belief that the island and lake were created by the goddess K’gari when she transformed into a landform. 

Thought to be one of the goddess’ eyes, the formation of the lake has since then added character to the island. It is also called the “Jewel of K’gari” by some locals. 

In March 1944, during World War II, a training camp was built at the lake, which was eventually closed late the same year. 

Waters Of Wisdom

Boorangoora translates to “waters of wisdom,” which might explain the serenity and calmness of the waters of the lake. 

The lake was exclusively used by the Butchulla tribe as a site for thinking and decision-making, making it an essential part of their culture and history. 

It was believed that the wise elders of the tribe would meet at the lake and listen for messages from the spirits through the wind and breeze. 

Swimming In Lake Mckenzie 

Swimming is one of the most popular and go-to activities in Lake Mckenzie due to its pristine water, fine powdery white sands, and luminous blue and green waters. 

Tips For Visiting Lake Mckenzie And Things To Do In The Area
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Its average temperature throughout the summer is around 23 degrees Celsius, making it a great and cool spot for a great swimming escapade in summer. 

The white sand and deep and clear blue-green waters are a picturesque scene that will make anyone want to plunge in during a hot summer day. 

Those who are afraid of creatures in the water have nothing to fear here in Lake Mckenzie because its acidic composition – but still safe for humans to swim in – makes it impossible for creatures to thrive in the waters. 

No Sunscreen Please 

While the water is crystal clear and pure at the lake, there are still pollutants in the water. Unfortunately, these are man-made pollutants that usually come in the form of sunscreens, bathing oils, soaps, and other chemicals that pollute the water. 

Guests are highly discouraged from using these chemicals as they can greatly affect the quality of the water

People should do their part in making sure that this unique body of water is maintained and preserved, especially with the decline in the water quality in the past few years due to irresponsible guests and swimmers. 

Camping In Lake Mckenzie

Aside from swimming, camping is another popular activity at the lake. It is a highly recommended form of immersion in the area and allows the guests to appreciate the landscape and beauty of the lake. 

Tips For Visiting Lake Mckenzie And Things To Do In The Area
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Walker’s Camp, a nearby camping site, is a go-to spot for campers at the lake. Surrounded by stunning trees and lush forests, it is easily one of the best spots to set up camp. 

Just six kilometers from Lake Mckenzie is another camping site, the Central Station camping site. The site features some small cabins and also allows small trailers to camp. 

Campers should not miss the opportunity to watch the great sunrise over the smooth waters of the lakes.  

Enjoy A Picnic Before Night 

Families who camp out at night seize the day and enjoy a picnic under the sun. Picnics are also a great alternative for those who still want to enjoy the lake but do not have time to stay for the night. 

There are picnic tables and other facilities that guests may use to enjoy a nice picnic near the lake. 

Safety Tips When Visiting The Lake

While Lake Mckenzie and the rest of Fraser Island are generally safe, guests are told to be aware and keen of their surroundings. 

Tips For Visiting Lake Mckenzie And Things To Do In The Area
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Dingoes, a type of dog, are abundant on the island, and although attacks on humans are rare, it is best to keep your distance from them. 

Please do not attempt to feed or pet dingoes should you see one, as they can cause disruption. Call the attention of personnel or staff to lure them away. 

Keep an eye on young children that you bring on a trip as they can easily stray afar and might come in contact with a dingo. 

Essentials To Bring 

Going to Lake Mckenzie takes some preparation since there are not many stores nearby. Some of the essentials you should take with you are beach towels, bathing suits, hats, umbrellas for sun protection, clothing, snorkeling gear, and drinking water. 

There is not much shade in the lake, so be sure to be equipped with sun gear to protect yourself. Vehicles cannot access the 

Remember to put on sunscreen and insect repellent after your swim at the lake to avoid contributing to the pollutants in the water. 

Touring Nearby Attractions 

Those who would want to maximize their visit to Lake Mckenzie can avail of various tours that pass through the lake and other incredible sights in Fraser Island. Some of these places are Rainbow Beach, 75-Mile Beach, and the Maheno Shipwreck. 

Tips For Visiting Lake Mckenzie And Things To Do In The Area
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There are different types of tours guests can take part in. The first is the adventuring tour, which features a trip to the lake and starts from the Sunshine Coast, through the 75-mile Beach. Guests are also provided with a hearty lunch! 

The second type of tour is the 4WD tour, an exclusive tour that takes guests on a bus and drives them to Lake Mckenzie and other attractions. 

The third and last type of tour is the nature tour, which is more extensive and immersive than the previous tours. Nature tours give the tourists and guests an authentic taste of Australia’s nature and well-kept gems. 

Fraser Island Great Walk 

For those who are up for an adventure and challenge, the best way to get around the island is through the Fraser Island Great Walk, a 90-kilometer trek that traces the routes of the Butchulla people. 

The trail was once the logging route of the tribe. Doing the walk will take you to Lake Mckenzie, the rainforest and historical exhibits of Central Station, the dune-backed Lake Wabby, and the Wanggoolba Creek. 

The entire walk takes about eight to six days, but hikers who are short on time and cannot do the entirety of the journey break it up into smaller sections, which are manageable and easy to complete. 


Lake Mckenzie is genuinely a wonderful place with unparalleled beauty, landscape, and scenery. There are many things to enjoy and discover in this 150-hectare lake that truly shows a different side of nature. 

A trip to this place will surely be an adventure of a lifetime and will bring you and your family memories to enjoy and cherish. Through Lake Mckenzie, people can appreciate the wonders of nature and enjoy what it can offer.