Surprising Ways Smartphones Affect Health

Smartphones are the necessities of the modern world. We use them for work and pleasure, they help us get any information we need in a second, but there are many obvious, as well as surprising, ways they affect our health. Here are some of the most interesting and common ways cell phones do damage and how to avoid these situations, even partly.


The Dangers Of Using Smartphones

Surprising Ways Smartphones Affect Health

Smartphones still do more good than bad, which is the reason why we use them. They come with risks, from developing “BlackBerry thumb” the still unanswered questing about radiation. Here are some examples and solutions to certain Smartphone issues you might have experienced.

Dirt, Everywhere

Smartphones as well as other tech devices are full of bacteria

Cellphones are dirty. They are full of bacteria and no one really thinks that this is an issue. However, even professionals, doctors, nurses, and people who take care of their health forget to wash their hands after using their cellphones.


The solution is quite simple: form a habit of disinfecting your phone with alcohol wipes or a clean towel sprayed with disinfectant.

Road Hazards

Talking while driving or even just walking is putting your life in danger

Talking on your phone is forbidden by law, but using Bluetooth isn’t. When you are using your phone, even with a headset, your brain activity is reduced by 37%. This problem dates before the smartphone was invented, so many studies date from the early 2000s and still no one hasn’t figured out what to do. Ban any conversation while driving? Or restrict it to certain highly populated areas? The only safe thing to do is simply put away your phone and wait until you pull off.


Talking and walking sounds rather normal, but same rules apply. If you don’t pay enough attention to the traffic, you are putting yourself and others in danger.

Back and Neck Issues

Smartphones cause neck and back issues
Smartphones cause neck and back issues

Texting and e-mailing is dangerous as well. If you have been feeling pain in the neck or back area, it might be due to your posture when you are using your phone.

The solution is simple: raise your phone up. All the pain and discomfort comes from keeping your phone too low, so make sure to hold your phone up at eye level.

Social Media Addiction

If you have to share every step on social media, you might be addicted

Social media has been criticized over past few years, not just because no one’s information is safe but also because people are getting addicted to the point where they can’t focus on anything, work or pleasure related. They wake up and check their Instagram or Facebook feeds and go to sleep doing the same thing.

The solution, ironically, comes in a form of apps which track your social media usage.

Allergies and Cell Phones

You can get rash, blisters and dermatitis from your smartphone

Some people are sensitive to nickel. This metal is used in wide variety of products, and nickel allergies are the number one cause of contact dermatitis in the developed world.

Strange Vibrations

If you think your phone is ringing while it is off, that is the price of living in XXI century

The “phantom vibration syndrome” experienced by mobile device users can be an annoying side effect of the wireless era. You know that feeling when you think your phone is vibrating or even ringing, but you are not even in the same room or your phone is on silent? Well, those creepy vibrations are just a habit we developed over the years. So, in a way, phones are training us.

Smartphones Are Always Listening

Your phone is always listening, even when you aren’t using it

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, but a proven fact. Your phone is picking up what you are talking about in order to decide which advertisements to show you. It is a new marketing strategy, so the next time you see an ad for cheap flights, right after you spoke about traveling, don’t be alarmed. It goes with the territory.

The Big C

Shut down your phone and keep it out of bedroom while you are sleeping

Scientists still don’t really know how cellphones are affecting our brains and how much damage they can cause to our health. Some connect smartphones and similar devices with brain cancer; others have suggested lower sperm count and sperm quality in men, and various effects on learning and memory, headaches, and sleep for both sexes.

While no one can say for sure how much damage mobile devices make, it is safer to keep them away from your bedroom and avoid carrying them near the body (this just means no phones in the pockets).

New generations of parents are facing new challenges

It is almost impossible to live without smartphones. However, we should be monitoring how much time we spend on our gadgets and what are we using them for. Of course, children should not be given phones lightly; they aren’t toys and should be treated with responsibility. Children often imitate their parents, so you should reconsider if you are setting a good example.

It all comes down to moderation and learning how to get the best out of your smartphone.