What You Need To Know About Starting A Business Abroad

Moving to a foreign county is exciting and scary enough. Starting a business abroad is even a bigger challenge but there are many benefits. So, if you are dreaming of starting a business abroad, we are here to help you understand the basics.


Tips for Starting a Business in a Foreign Country

What You Need To Know About Starting A Business Abroad

There are many reasons to move from your country and start a business abroad. Some people just do it because they prefer the climate; however, the majority do it because it is cheaper in the long run.

If you are already living as an expat and working in a foreign country, why not start your own business? We are going to go through basics about starting a business abroad and point out the most common mistakes.


The Destination

Starting Business Abroad Starts With an Idea
When you decide where you want to start your business, the bureaucracy starts

First, you need to choose where you want to move. It is better to have multiple options because in the process of learning about taxes as well as legal and political stuff, some countries are less appealing than others. If you want to live near the beach, you might want to consider Spain, Malta or New Zealand and start your research.

If you are already living as an expat, you have the advantage of knowing more people, but you will still have to face a lot of paperwork and even more legal work.


The Market Research

Market research has to be extensive and no detail is too small

Once you have decided which destination you would want to explore, it is time to check out the market. Analyzing international and domestic sales and marketing statistics are vital to success overseas, meaning your business idea has to be profitable in that market, not in your home country.

Get to know the cultural differences and include them in the market research. It will be helpful once you get into creating a business plan as well as marketing campaigns.

Seek Legal Help

Starting Business Abroad and Connecting with People
Connect with lawyers as well as other expats from your country

Every business needs a lawyer. When you are starting a business abroad, it is best to hire an expat lawyer from your home country because this person will be more understanding towards your needs and will be able to explain the difference and challenges between your home country and the country you chose to move to.

Lawyers will help you understand your legal agreements from taxes to how to register your company. It’s not going to be a cheap adventure, but you need to look at the big picture.

Understand the Culture

It’s not about the idea or product, it’s about understanding how to present it

Starting a business abroad is more than just a business venture. You have to start learning a new language, get to know the politics and cultural differences and learn to accept them. Furthermore, since you are going to be part of that country, you should start acting accordingly, so making connections with expats and with local business owners is necessary.

Understand that time moves at a different pace, depending on the country. Starting a business should take time, but you will be surprised how much differences there are. You also have to apply and receive the appropriate visas, so don’t expect things to come together overnight.

Buying an Existing Business

Buying a business may be safer, but will it bring you the same satisfaction?

If you are unsure about your business idea, you can always purchase an existing business. Buying a business that already exists eliminates much of the bureaucracy, so one might say it is a faster and safer way to go. However, there are no quarantines and if you do have a good idea and you want to move abroad, you know that playing safe is not an option.

Be curious. Learn as much as possible and have faith in your idea

As an expat, starting a business in a new country can be an exciting opportunity but that doesn’t mean you won’t face some challenges along the way.

You’ll have to do a ton of research before you get started, from legal and tax regulations to export/import costs, learning new business culture and connecting with people from your new country. Give yourself enough time to explore all the elements and be flexible with your business idea, so you can introduce it abroad in a way the locals will understand it.

Learn from previous mistakes, but accept that you will make more

No matter how much success you had in your country, moving abroad requires a different approach to business as well as implementing a new lifestyle, which will help your business grow. Passion and knowledge are your best companions, but you have to be open and ready to act like you are a beginner, sort of like a new kid on the block.