See These Tips for Better Job and Family Balance

Don’t we all know that growing up comes with a lot of responsibilities? When you grow up, you will have bills to pay which necessitates that you work. If you have a family and children, your plate is getting bigger. Then you have to add friends, your parents, and yourself.


Well, it’s quite a task and will require some tough decisions to make. First of all, you will need to prioritize some and the less important things can come last.

Also, you will have to adjust the way you work and schedule your time. That means you’ll have to be disciplined in your time management so you have some left for other people your family. Keep reading this article to learn more.

See These Tips for Better Job and Family Balance
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Manage Your Time

You have to remember that all the things you need to do cannot be achieved within 24 hours. Therefore you will have to plan your time well, mark the most important things

They include work, exercising, time for family and friends. In these, check the most important things that cannot wait. For instance, you have got to go to work every day, exercise, and attend to family. 


On those week days when you are not busy, then you can meet a friend over coffee or ice cream. Notice this doesn’t take so many hours, but even half an hour is better than not meeting a friend at all. 

Also, you can wake up earlier than anyone and do the work that requires concentration or exercise before the kids wake up.

Nurture Yourself

You have created time for everyone and work, what about yourself? You are the common factor in all this. If you don’t find time to relax, refocus and rejuvenate, you are likely to break down. 

And, if you do, all the effort you put in will be worthless. You need to be there for your family, so work should not drain to the extent that you lose yourself. Always create time for yourself alone, it does wonders.

Get a Social Life

It’s a common trend that most people postpone their social life to weekends. But, how about setting apart a day, like a Wednesday evening to do one of your hobbies, like going dancing, catching a movie, dinner dates with friends or family? 

This cools the week’s steam off and also you have something to look up to rather than waiting for Saturday. It will also make you focus more during the day and finish the day’s work so you are not delayed.

Manage Your Time at Work

It is easy to relax and get distracted at work only to realize you have not completed the day’s task. Next thing you do is carry it home and instead of attending to family, you are busy behind your laptop. 

This is not right, home time should be family time, and not work – unless you work from home. To avoid this, maximize your work during the day or even work ahead on days that you have some free time. Create boundaries for family and work time.

Enjoy Weekends

See These Tips for Better Job and Family Balance
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It is a common habit to postpone all life’s chores to Saturday. When it comes, you have a lot to do that it actually feels like a weekday because you have been working the whole time. Rather do some chores early morning and reduce on the load for Saturday. 

This will leave you with sometime to enjoy the weekend. But then, resist from watching TV all day or being behind your laptop. Instead opt for physical activities, like running, writing, drawing, etc.


It is important that you manage your time well so that all the people in your life and yourself are happy. We need to set priorities in regards to how we divide our time. 

If its work time, focus on it and strive to complete the day’s tasks so you don’t have to carry work home. On days that you have free time, work ahead so that you are not overwhelmed.