See These Craziest Things Found Inside Animals

Animals as they are already are some of the craziest things that anyone can ever come across. And, it gets even weirder when you open them up as you can find a number of things. This is because most animals eat almost anything that they can find.

When you open them up, that’s when the picture is clear as to what the animal may have swallowed. People have encountered quite crazy things when they have opened up different types of animals. Some, you may have seen on TV, while others have gone unnoticed.


If you have never seen some crazy things that have been dug out of animals, like live bombs, then you have the opportunity here. Here, you’ll get to see five of the craziest things that you can imagine that has been found inside animals. Read on to learn more.

See the 5 Craziest Things Found Inside Animals
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Suit of Armor

The first subject is a sea animal who had a full suit of armor in its stomach. Most sharks tend to terrorize and can east almost anything that roams around the sea, as long it’s no vegetation. 

When you go poking around the inside of a shark you’ll find a number of things, in this instance, a suit of armor was found. The armor was found inside a tiger shark as the examiner was doing their normal research on sharks in the 90s. 


The parts were exhibited in the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles in 1994. They were part of the Sharks Facts and Fantasy exhibition.


Another fascinating thing that has been found inside the body of an animal is a drum and it too was found inside a shark. Now, sharks are pretty aggressive hunters and a drum can easily draw its attention because of the animal skin. 

This actually happened off the coast of Senegal and the shark as rumored to have strayed off the coast in search of food. 



See the 5 Craziest Things Found Inside Animals
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Who would have thought that inside an animal may posse junk? Well, that’s what happened when people finally had a look inside the stomach of a famous Elephant. Jumbo, maybe you may have heard of him before, and no the elephant wasn’t famous because of the junk inside it.

It is widely considered that Jumbo the elephant is what inspired the term “jumbo” when you want to describe anything large. Jumbo was famous for its performance on circus stages across the U.S. Since a number of locations wanted a part of Jumbo – to display, that’s why it was cut open.

Upon the opening of Jumbo, not many expected what they found out. There was all manner of junk that you can think of: there were pennies, screws, keys. This was a massive walking junkyard.

Live Bomb

Imagine this, you have gotten your squid from the fisherman and you’re now ready to sell it. And, while you’re gutting it, you find out that there’s a live bomb inside the squid. What would you do?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to a man who was reading his squid in preparation to make a sale. The most interesting thing about this whole scenario is that the man actually hit the bomb with his knife, but it didn’t go off.

After he realized that it was a bomb, the relevant authorities were called in. They were in fact the ones that confirmed that this was actually a live bomb – and it would have detonated at any moment. 

A Whole Deer

See the 5 Craziest Things Found Inside Animals
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Think of an alligator and then think of how it crashes through its prey and you can’t expect to find anything after. Well, in Alabama, some time back an alligator was captured and killed and when biologists cut it open, a surprise was sprung. They found a whole deer inside the stomach of this animal.

The deer weighed at least 100 pounds and only the fur from the deer was missing. Now, this isn’t something that is quite common in the case of an alligator feasting. The only logical explanation was that the deer may have been washed up by the water and was swallowed by the alligator. 


Inside animals, there are a number of things that you can find and some of them are quite shocking. When it comes to the craziest, these are the unbelievable, even in the unbelievable circumstances, here are five that you wouldn’t have imagined