See the 7 Craziest Houses on the Planet

There are plenty of houses that are as beautiful as they are crazy. With some being crazier than all the others, you can term them as the craziest.

These crazy houses have distinct features that stand out among others such as being slim among other features. And, there are lots of these houses all across the globe. With each one being distinct and different in its own right.


To find out more about these crazy houses and where they are found, you should definitely read on. Info on what makes these houses wild and their distinct features can also be found here.

See the 7 Craziest Houses on the Planet
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Transparent House

The first house on this list pretty much defies everything that you can think about when it comes to housing. The whole idea about a house is so that you can have privacy. Your house is where you don’t want other people to see what’s going on in your life.

With this house, that whole concept is abandoned. This house is found in Tokyo Japan, where there is a fully transparent house on offer. The idea was inspired by the Japanese ancestors who lived in tree houses.


The house was designed and built by Sou Fujimoto Architects and they didn’t allow any kind of privacy in the design. The house does, however, allow a lot of sunlight while also giving enough air for those who live inside.

So, other than the floors where you can step on, every other aspect of the house is out there for the world to see. It means your neighbors and those walking around the street are able to see exactly what goes on inside your house.

Clock Tower Home

If you want one of the best views of New York City, then the clock tower houses are what you need to look at. What is crazy about the house, other than it is a penthouse, is the fee you have to pay to get one. It is probably the costliest house on this list as you have to fork out around $18 million to get one.


The outside of the house is pretty much a clock tower, like the ones you see in old buildings. Unlike the other old buildings, here, you can live and have the clock give the lighting for the house. You have clocks surrounding the entire house giving the house an antique look.

Another thing that can shock you about the house is that it actually sits on around 7000 square feet. That’s pretty enormous for an unusual house, even in New York City.

The Keret House

If you live in an urban setup, you know how much space means and the lack of it is a problem. But, one person found a way to fix that problem by using the space between buildings. That’s where the Keret House comes in as it is the slimmest house in the world.

In Poland, where the Keret House is located, the designer looked to utilize the smallest of space he could find. Jakub Szczesny created a house that only he could fit in and it is in between two buildings. And, at 152 cm wide, this house is pretty much a bed than a house.

With the small ventilation system there, the house looks like a divided capsule. And, what’s crazier about the house is that is located between two buildings without being a building itself. If you get yourself such a house, every day will be like sleeping in a rocket that’ll never launch.

Skateboard House

Now, if you’re a skating fanatic, there’s a house that should definitely capture your attention and this is the skateboard house. The interior of the house is like a skateboard rink with everything you’d expect in a park.

The design, shape, and every other aspect of the house will quickly get you feeling the skateboard fever. The designer of the house used to be a pro-skating champion and wanted a skating feel in his house. That means that you can literary skate while you’re in the house.

The décor and the windows are designed in a way to put a full representation of the skating world. The sitting arrangement of the house is around where skateboards can hover up and down and skaters can perform easy stunts. The house is in Malibu, California.

Dupli Casa

The house is pretty much distorted and you’d imagine that there weren’t any professionals that were consulted when the house was being designed. The final design, however, makes the house look decent, though with no shape.

And, that’s the beauty of the house and also the part that makes the house make it to the crazy list. It’s normal all across the world to find houses that have a clear structure and plan. 

This one on the otter hand has none and just looks like parts have been put together, it’s like a piece of creative art, though distorted in large. A second look at the house and you may think you’re looking like a yacht with other parts sticking out. 

While in Ludwigsburg, you can’t help but have a second look anytime you pass by this house. It looks like a good place to live in when you have an outside view of the house.

Egg House

The cost of real estate keeps on going up every single day and people are looking at different ways to find different housing. Now, an architect in China found a way to deal with that need once and for all. The house is pretty small and can fit on the sidewalk.

The crazy thing about the house is the whole egg shape that is distinct and stands out from your normal houses. And, you wouldn’t think of it at first, when you have that first look, the house is way cheap.

Not just cheap when it comes to building, but also when it comes to the day to day running of the house. Dai Haifei, the architect, created this house to run fully on solar energy and serves all the basic needs you can need from a house.

With an oval-shaped house, you won’t expect much in terms of comfort, however. It’s more of a necessary living condition that you have to embrace.


See the 7 Craziest Houses on the Planet
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Well, the Japanese have a thing against privacy and in Saitama, there is a full glasshouse that the only thing that isn’t glass is the stepping ground alone. Every other aspect of the house is glass that you can see what happens in the next room without walking in there.

The idea for this house was to have enough lighting come through the house, but they pretty much over-did the design. It looks like paying homage to the ancestors who lived on tree-houses, most people will be looking to this design. 

As a resident of this house, you do away with privacy and have the world know all that goes on in your house.


Houses come in different forms and different designs, and they can also be of different sizes. Some of them, however, is strange that will have you giving the house a second look any time you are passing through. 

Here, you have the craziest houses that you can find anywhere in the globe and with different features that make the said houses stand out. And, while they are strange and crazy, you can still enjoy living in some of these houses.