See How to Play PUBG Online Without Downloading

PUBG is a battle royal multiplayer game with a massive base of players around the world. This mega-popular game, which is free to play, is played by people whatever their age is. It has over 100 million downloads from the Google Play Store. You’ll need to download PUBG Mobile from the Apple app store or Google Playstore to it run on your device. The game size on Android is about 2 GB and on iOS it is about 2.4 GB. 


This has prompted users to find alternative ways to play the game online, without exhausting their daily data packages, as PUBG Mobile continually pushes for updates. It is important to remember that cloud gaming support for running PUBG Mobile as of now does not exist.

But several apps are in the early stages of production and will soon be out. To learn more about playing PUBG online, continue reading.

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Steps to Play PUBG Online Without Downloading 

In addition to attempting to play the game from remote cloud servers, users also share the game through third-party applications such as Xender and Share. 

It’s mostly a futile effort since only one ends up with the APK of only 50 MB during shift. It happens because the original file (OBB) contains all the data about the game, such as characters, maps, and weapons.

  1. Firstly, having a smartphone with you that already has PUBG Mobile installed is mandatory.
  2. Install an app for the transfer of files (Xender) and then share the APK with your device. The size of the APK file will be about 40 to 50 MB.
  3. The next important move is to submit the game’s OBB File, which seems to be overlooked by others. For that, go to the sender’s smartphone’s File Manager. Click on: Internal Storage / SD card > Android > OBB > com.tencent.ig to access the file.
  4. The file is shared with your device. The file size is around 1.7 GB.
  5. You’ll have to build a folder within your computer. Go to Storage > Android > OBB, and make a “com.tencent.ig” folder. Be mindful of any spelling mistakes.
  6. Navigate now to Storage > Xender > Others and copy the file.
  7. Paste the file you were copying to the “com.tencent.ig” folder you built in Phase 5.

Additional Tips You Need to Know 

PUBG Mobile can be played without downloading. The three methods you may follow to play PUBG Mobile without downloading are provided below.

With NVIDIA Geforce, you can play the game online. This is an online gaming service provider that allows you to play rising online games like PUBG Mobile.

You may need a good internet connection to play online without downloading and probably some money.

There are also some alternative free methods, such as the following.

  • First, your Android device can share it.
  • Second, you can share it with android emulators on your computer/laptop to play with them. 

But wait, it won’t share the game just by clicking on the PUBG button. To get your job done, you need to follow a few more steps. To make things work, you must share the OBB file and put it in a correct folder. Sharing it on a computer if you want to play it without downloading it, is a bit more complicated. 

There’s also another way to do this by using Cloud Gaming.

Cloud Gaming is a modern future age of style gaming. Here the game runs on powerful remote servers and is broadcast via internet connection directly to the user computer. The pros of this gaming style are that it does not require any download or installation, runs without delay, and can be supported in any device. 

Now the drawbacks are that you need a decent, secure internet connection (4MB / s would be subtle, but 10MB / s is preferable). In addition, no there are free cloud gaming services, monthly subscriptions are required, etc.

Two cloud gaming services are Vortex & Gloud Games, which are available on Android devices.

Here are the necessary steps to follow for Cloud Gaming.

  1. Check out
  2. Establish a credit account.
  3. Choose one of our plans and subscribe monthly.
  4. Download our dedicated device app.
  5. Click on the “play game” button.
  6. Enjoy the games

Vortex allows you to play online games without downloading or updating them on your Android/tablet/PC. You just need a good internet connection.

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Try out these simple tips to play PUBG online without downloading! Make sure to have a stable internet to really enjoy each game.