See How Older Guys Can Keep Their Strength Gains Going

After hitting 60 years of age older guys may start to feel a little less physically powerful and that’s when strength training comes in handy. At this age, your body changes, and your approach to exercise has to change too.


If age is catching up with you, all you need is to learn about the right kind of exercise to build muscle. Age comes with wisdom and experience, so you can always count on this to overcome whatever obstacle comes your way mentally when it comes to exercise.

Even in your seventies and eighties, you can still build muscle as long as you use the right programs for your body type. Age is just a number, it’s really all about your psychology. Up next we’re going to tell you about why it’s important to build muscle and exercises that can help.

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It Improves Healing and Function

For seniors who have health issues, such as high blood pressure, working out might be the fastest way to heal those problems. It also helps with chronic illnesses such as cancers, diabetes, heart diseases, strokes, and much more.

It Increases Stability and Balance

One of the significant challenges that older guys tend to have is falls and losing balance, leading to broken hips, bones, and even brain injuries. One way to regain stability is by working out and building muscle.


Improved Life Expectancy

Studies have shown that exercise not only improves your body, but it also has psychological benefits. It can help improve your general mood thanks to the fact that when you exercise you produce endorphins. Endorphins make you happy and reduce your sensitivity to pain.

Happy people live longer than folks walking around under a grey cloud everyday.

How to Keep Your Strength Gains Strong

Here are some of the ways older guys can build muscle.

Go Lighter

If you notice pain in your shoulders, elbows, knees, and wrist that doesn’t mean that you should just stop working out. What it can mean is that you might want to take it a little easier. This could mean jogging instead of running or lifting lighter weights. Just remember to always keep moving.

“Wimpy” Classes Are Ok

In order to heal some injuries, you might have to spend a longer time in recovery. And in that case you can lay off your regular routine and do things like yoga and pilates. Maybe you’ve always thought of those exercises as too easy, but we bet you’ll be working up a sweat.

Plus these types of exercise really work to elongate your muscles and make them supple.

Avoid Annihilating and Instead Stimulate

It’s easy to convince yourself that perhaps the reason why you are not gaining muscle is that you are not working out enough, but this is not always the case. Hundreds of people work out hard but don’t make any headway.

Sometimes the key is to put in bursts of energy and have appropriate rest time in between. You need to stimulate your muscles and get that oxygen flowing.

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Always Blast and Cruise

Well, your body is not a machine; as such, it will need to rest from time to time. Always have a reset time(cruise) during the week. If you give yourself that cruise time, you’ll be able to blast harder when you get back in the grind.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to give up on your body because age is catching up with you. In fact this should be your reason to keep working and keep those muscles moving. It is both for your physical, mental, and psychological well-being.

So get up, hit that gym like you have never before and show people that older guys can often be way more ripped than those little guys in their twenties. And for an extra power up, you may want to include things like meditation in your routine.