Get YouTube Music Premium to Listen Ad-Free Always

When you subscribe to the YouTube Music Premium service, you have the opportunity to indulge in truly premium services. Now you can enjoy free music from different artists. If you love music now, you have a chance to listen to different music, even the latest releases.


After subscribing to premium services, you will enjoy ad-free video experiences, YouTube Originals, Background veil plays, and pop up video boxes. Google has always been at the forefront, creating solutions to customers. Recently it ensured that people can now enjoy content ad-free through YouTube Premium.

Once you subscribe, the app is linked to your account; this means that you have security. You are guaranteed that you are the only one who can access your premium account. This application has advanced functions that will make you enjoy watching music and other videos through YouTube.


What Does the YouTube Music Premium Application Entail?

YouTube Music Premium is available for desktop and mobile. After subscribing, you will explore different types of music, and view them as audio or videos. Moreover, you will receive ad-free on any recommendations and music with many views and subscribers. This app has different features beneficial to you in many ways.


The official YouTube app is the core functionality. The ad-free feature helps the listener relax and watch different content without disturbance. It’s so irritating when you are in the middle of consuming content when an ad disrupts your concentration.

With YouTube Music premium, you don’t have to worry about any ads. With only one click, you can play different videos in the background.

Unlike the previous YouTube application, the pop-up windows allow you to put the video playing at one corner, and now you can continue doing other stuff like searching for the next video at the same time. If you have an Android device, you can switch to dark and white mode.

How Safe Is This Premium Application?

XDA developer created this app and took necessary measures ensuring it’s safe to use. Moreover, this application has undergone different evaluations, such as scanning with anti-virus applications. In such cases, Shield, Avast, AVG, and Norton get the job done.

It’s been proven as safe to download, and you don’t have to expect your phone to be treated by a virus.

Steps to Getting YouTube Music Premium

The first step involves downloading the application on your Android device. Go to settings and ensure that the Unknown Sources tool is turned on. Once installed, click on open the app and get premium features for free.

This application has essential features, allowing you to sign in using your Google account. Now you can sync all your search behavior. Install the MicroG APK, then sign in your details and start enjoying free music. This application allows you to choose the quality of the music video. MicroG helps you Sync your account to Google. You will have a clear view of the history of your search.

There are no hinges on the videos or ads to disrupt you while watching. You will have a good time watching videos and listening to music after getting this premium subscription. There are features such as download to help you store your favorite music for future reference.

When you are low on data, save your videos to watch later when you are offline. You can open another application while still, your music is playing on the background.

Moreover, even after screen locking, you can continue listening to your favorite music. During COVID-19, pandemic social distancing is critical. This application will help you remain happy and entertained while at home.

You can now enjoy your music and different videos on YouTube through the Premium Music application. ADX developed this applicator and tested it for viruses and other malicious activities.

It’s safe to download and install in Android devices. Moreover, this application is also used for desktop. Immediately after subscription, you can start browsing for new music and enjoying new features such as ad-free music.

Bottom Line

While watching in a typical YouTube application, you will have to skip different ads before starting your video. This skipping is not the case after subscribing to the premium application.

You will have to pay for it monthly, but you will enjoy the benefits of this application each day. You can now spend more time on your phone listening to the best music.