5 Rainy Day Activities While Traveling

With the often unpredictable weather you can encounter in a new place, we sometimes experience rainy days during our much-anticipated vacation. Should you be one of the many travelers who finds their self in the midst of a wet holiday, don’t let the rain wither your excitement. Make the most of the situation and try out these 5 rainy day activities.


Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Read on, as we’ve put together 5 rainy day activities you can do to still enjoy your vacation. Whether you were initially planning to lounge on one of the most stunning beaches in the world or you were supposed to explore the majestic canals in Europe, these activities are sure to make up for the bad weather.

1. Go Hiking

Go hiking in the rain, because why not? Believe it or not, we’ve spent plenty of days on our travels hiking in the rain.


Your hike is planned, and sometimes you have booked and paid for a local guide. Time does not allow for you to wait a few days to see if the rain passes. So go ahead and throw on your boots, put on your hiking rain jacket, and go slip sliding in the mud.

Hiking in the rain can be great fun and brings a new perspective to your outdoor adventure. Besides, it makes a great story to tell!

5 Rainy Day Activities While Traveling
Hiking in the rain all smiles!
Photo from Teachers Starting Fires

2. Read a Good Book

Grab a hammock, or a comfy chair in your hotel lounge area, and chill out for a day of reading.

Believe it or not, days like this can be some of your most relaxing ones. Be sure to set the mood and surround yourself with chill out music, delicious food, and a great cup o’ Joe.

5 Rainy Day Activities While Traveling
Woman all cozied up enjoying a good book
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3. Get to Know Other Travelers

Instead of just staying in your hotel room, rainy days are perfect for getting to know your fellow travelers. They’ll be just as bored as you and keen for some stimulating conversation and a few laughs.

Hang out in the hotel bar, grab a few beers, and start socializing! That’s what travel is all about anyway – being up for spontaneous moments.

5 Rainy Day Activities While Traveling
Guests enjoying each other’s company
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4. Try the Local Delicacies

A rainy day is a perfect time to stroll around near your hotel and check out the local delicacies in the area. Let Google Maps help you find out what’s in the area, but also be sure to head out with an umbrella and seek out hidden gems. Eat as the locals do, as they say!

5 Rainy Day Activities While Traveling
Freshly grilled shrimps from a local stall
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5. Write Up a Bucket List

Now may also be a great time to sit down, contemplate, and think about all the places you want to go and all the things you want to experience. It’s a fantastic idea to write these down to help you choose your destinations to come. This can also encourage you to save up and motivate you as you go through the daily grind.

5 Rainy Day Activities While Traveling
Bucket lists and notes over coffee
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At the end of the day, we definitely experience hiccups and surprises on every trip. This is the main reason why a sudden shift in our travel plans or itinerary shouldn’t bring you down. Who knows? Staying in on a rainy day and trying out some of the things above could lead to the greatest stories.