7 Stunning Beaches To Visit In 2019

Whether you’re a party animal or an introvert, there is something about the beach that fascinates us. The cool salty breeze, gentle waves crashing against the shore, sun dipping below the horizon, fine sand… everything about the beach makes it a perfect place to escape the daily grind.


Best Beaches to Escape The Daily Grind

7 Stunning Beaches To Visit In 2019

Keep those emotional waves in mind, here are 7 stunning beaches across the world that you should explore…

1.     Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas (Source)

The Bahamas is an archipelago in the Caribbean which is comprised of 700 islands and beaches; a perfect retreat from the city life. So, while you’re at this beauty, don’t forget to visit Pink Sands Beach. The island is covered with stunning pastel pink sand that adds a dreamlike feeling to the air. The best part of the beach is that this daydream is on Harbour Island.


2.    Radhanagar Beach, India

Radhanagar Beach (Source)

Crowned as one of Asia’s most beautiful beaches, Radhanagar Beach is an astounding beach situated at beautiful Andaman Island. The beach is untarnished by the outer world and has maintained the natural beauty to its roots. Apart from the fantastic experience, the white sand and the blue sea make the beach a perfect place to relax.

3.    Cannon Beach, Oregon

Cannon Beach, Oregon (Source)

Want some serenity in life? There’s nothing quite like a coastal winter storm. Cannon Beach has unbelievable Pacific Northwest vibes while remaining quiet and serene. The waves pummelling the beach, the white sand, calm atmosphere, and flocks of birds turned the place into a mesmerizing and meditative one. Plan your trip with someone special to curl up with at such a beautiful and breezy place.


4.     One Foot Island, Cook Islands

Cook Islands (Source)

Located in the Cook Islands, One Foot Island – the scenic beach, has won the World Travel Award for the best beach in Australasia. The shore is lined with palm and coconut trees, and when you step on the beach, it makes the world before you look infinite. The best part of this place is the complete absence of commercialization; you’ll find all nature, no buildings and resorts. All you can see is a long stretch of water. Overall, it is the highlight of a perfect islet with a rare natural beauty.

5.    Lanikai Beach, Hawaii

Lanikai Beach (Source)

The meaning of Lanikai is ‘heavenly sea’ and the beach completely matches up to its name; crystal clear, calm blue waters and white soft seaside. The beach is not only the most beautiful of all the Oahu Hawaii beaches but also comes under the list of world’s best beaches. The fantastic shoreline of Lanikai has been immortalized in various pictures, postcards and travel guides. The view at the beach is breathtaking and so mesmerizing that you just can’t control yourself to jump right in.   

6.    Lucky Bay, Australia

Lucky Beach in Australia (Source)

Lucky Bay is Australia’s whitest beach and one of the most pleasant. This beach is intact from outer world disturbance and features blue water, clean sand and astounding views. There are times when kangaroos visit this place since they can’t refuse to laze on the sand to.  

7.    Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland

Reynisfjara, The Famous Black Sand Beach in Iceland To Visit Now (Source)

Looking for something different from white or pink foreshore? Reynisfjara Beach is surely going to warm your heart with its black sand and gigantic basalt rocks. Also the roaring Atlantic waves will give you everlasting memories.

What makes a beach truly great? It totally depends on the eye of the beholder. For some, it is just sand and clear blue sea, while for others it is the strength of waves and roughness of the coast.

Beaches are tucked away in almost every corner of the world. They offer you much more than sand and sea. So, whether you’re looking for a dreamscape to relax or to catch a cool wave, these beaches are the best choice to go to.