MCB Credit Card – How to Apply?

Want a credit card with NO annual fee that you can use anywhere in the world? By requesting the MCB Credit Card, you can get these perks and a lot more. Read on to find out how to order the MCB Credit Card.


You can use the MCB Credit Card for your daily purchases and financial transactions. And because it is powered by Visa, you can make local and international transactions through this card. You now have a handy tool you can use for your shopping. Likewise, you can make travel and hotel reservations to any destinations around the world. On top of these, this card allows you to make cash advances and get rewards points.

MCB Credit Card Features

MCB Bank offers three credit cards: MCB Classic, MCB Gold, and MCB Platinum. Each of these cards caters to the unique financial capacity and lifestyle of the bank’s customers. Every one of these cards also has distinct features and advantages. To give you an idea of MCB Credit Cards, let’s zero in on the MCB Classic Credit Card.


You can use MCB Classic Credit Card for your daily expenses. You can also enjoy a lot of benefits and advantages if you become a cardholder.

MCB Classic Credit Card Benefits

Upon receiving the MCB Classic Credit Card, the bank will give you a welcome gift. You can kickstart your shopping using this card interest-free for up to 52 days.


Like any MCB Credit Card, you can have financial flexibility in your monthly payment. The bank will give you the opportunity to pay the minimum due and revolve your balance.

Through your accumulated reward points, you can get unlimited offers and discounts of up to 50% in select stores globally.

Moreover, you are entitled to a free travel insurance coverage. You will receive a huge personal air accident claims if you use this credit card in purchasing the flight ticket.

Interested in requesting the MCB Classic Credit Card now? Check the application process and requirements below:

Looking for a credit card that has NO annual fee, you can use anywhere in the world and provides perks and amazing rewards? Then MCB Credit Card is for you. Here's how to apply:

MCB Classic Credit Card Application

To request for the MCB Classic Credit Card, you can contact the bank by filling out a form on their website. After sending your request, a bank representative will contact you with instructions on how to proceed with your application.

To be eligible, you must present a proof of identity (21 years old and above). The bank will also request a proof of income (minimum monthly income of Rs 25,000) and proof that you’re a resident of Pakistan.

If your application is approved, you will have a credit limit of around Rs 100,000. This amount can increase or decrease depending on your creditworthiness and financial status.

Fees and Interest Rates

MCB Bank will charge you a unique set of fees and interest rates, depending on the credit card type. As for the MCB Classic Credit Card, it has NO annual fee. But you should be mindful of the cash advance fee worth Rs 750 per transaction or 3% of the total amount, whichever is higher. The credit card also has a late payment fee of Rs1,200.

The MCB Classic Credit Card has a 39% annual interest rate.


All in all, the MCB Credit Card is your best bet if you need a card for your international purchases while providing you financial flexibility in your payment.