Easy Tips to Get the Perfect Travel Selfie

Traveling alone can be the most liberating experience ever. Whether you’re thinking of going solo in one of the most sought-after destinations in 2019 or you’re more into low profile places like little quaint towns in Europe, it’s always a must to document your adventure.


As handy as our mobile phones or mirror-less cameras may be, getting that perfect snap by yourself can sometimes be a little difficult.

This is why we’ve rounded up our easy tips to get the perfect travel selfie. We hope you find them helpful. Enjoy your trip!


6 Poses for the Perfect Travel Selfie

1) The Tiny Human

You probably already know – when comparing a landscape photo with nobody in it to one with a human subject, the latter is just a lot more interesting!

So set up that tripod, get a remote or sync it with your phone, and get into your surroundings. As the tiny human subject, what you do with your face or your posing won’t be too much of a problem. So try this one out first – it’s the easiest!

Easy Tips to Get the Perfect Travel Selfie
Woman acing the Tiny Human shot
Photo from TheVirally.com

2) Classic Facing Away

This one is all over Instagram. Just face away from the camera and toward your environment. Simply put, you can just face away while looking at a gorgeous view.

All you really need to think about is how the back of your head looks and maybe, how your outfit works with your environment.

Easy Tips to Get the Perfect Travel Selfie
Woman facing away
Photo from The Blog Abroad

3) Move

To get over the awkwardness of taking your own photo – all you have to do is move. So again, set up your tripod, walk forward, then back, or just pivot between your two feet to simulate walking.

You can also twirl, dance, or throw your hands up. Dancing and movement in a photo can convey so much joy and energy, and it totally helps you to remove stiffness in posing and in your body. Plus, it makes it so much more FUN. Ready to give it a try? Put your camera on burst mode and move!

Easy Tips to Get the Perfect Travel Selfie
Woman effortlessly posing for a photo
Photo from Conde Nast Traveler

4) Use Your Hands

What do you do if it’s not a movement shot? You can still definitely insert some movement and the look of a candid shot by running your hands through your hair, playing with your dress or shirt collar, or putting a hand on your cheek.

Give your hands something to do in the photo and it’ll look more natural – easy!

Easy Tips to Get the Perfect Travel Selfie
Smiling woman taking photo with smartphone
Photo from Travel + Leisure

5) Props

The way that we involve props can be twofold: Either a prop can be part of a photo, or it can be what we use to put our camera on to take the photo when we don’t have a tripod.

You can try to get creative and gather some rocks, tree stumps, water bottles, your backpack, and chairs and set them up as tripods. It can often give you a creative angle that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise!

So, experiment with your camera placement. What angle will different props give you? Does it look cooler when the camera is down low vs. up high? What about right at eye level?

A prop is also perfect for using in the photo. It gives your hands something to do. It makes the pose obvious rather than awkward. Best to use whatever is at your disposal. Grab a pair of sunglasses, an umbrella, a coffee mug, a hat, or something vibrant to wear, and make it a part of your photo. Props can also often help you know how to pose when you’re otherwise unsure.

Easy Tips to Get the Perfect Travel Selfie
Make use of props
Photo from Spivo.com

6) Creative Smiling

When flying solo, it often feels odd just looking at the camera, hands at your side, smiling like you used to in middle school or in family photos. There’s no need to be boring or to stand awkwardly in photos anymore. There’s also no need to only show the back of your head.

We admit, this one can be difficult to get used to at first. Although this is the case, the easiest way is to display your smile. It’s approachable, lighthearted, and so nice to look at! Smile up at the sun, fake laugh until you’re actually laughing at yourself and your own silliness, combine movement and smiling like in the examples above, or scrunch your nose in that way that only you do best. There’s no wrong way to do this!

Easy Tips to Get the Perfect Travel Selfie
Woman admiring the view
Photo from Hike & Cycle

When it comes to posing for photos, we can take something that used to feel awkward and make it tons of fun. While it may take some time to get used to it, and not every photo session will yield amazing photos (that’s just life!), this artistic form of self-expression can help you increase your self-confidence and have even more fun with photography when traveling.

So let go of all your anxieties, have fun, and you’re sure to ace that perfect travel selfie.