Overcome Self-Doubt and Unleash Your Potential

Throat is closing, chest is pounding, visions are getting blurry, and right there at that moment you feel like you are not good enough. You have no idea what you are doing and all that thanks to the feeling of self-doubt.


Self-Doubt: The Dream Killer

Overcome Self-Doubt and Unleash Your Potential

Self-doubt is an unpleasant feeling that keeps us away from the life we know we can live. It destroys dreams, kills motivation, and makes you feel like you aren’t good or smart enough.

Your self-esteem is drowning and you’re feeling miserable, all because of that dreadful voice inside your head that won’t stop questioning your worth. So, what should you do? Let’s see how to overcome the dreadful feeling and misery of self-doubt.


Accept it as it is

Self-doubt is a powerful feeling that can destroy your body and mind

The first step to overcoming self-doubt is to accept it. This is nothing more than a feeling you created in your thoughts. You can’t fight or ignore it. Embrace it as it is. Just say, “It is ok to feel this way. It is okay that I doubt myself. It just means I care”.

After your little chat with yourself, take a look at your body. How do you feel? If you are shaking, that’s okay. If you feel like you are losing your voice, that’s another normal reaction to self-doubt. Just start noticing what is happening outside of your mind and in your body, and try to stay present.


Stop Feeding the Beast

Stop hiding, you are just feeding the negative thoughts

Imagine that self-doubt is a fluffy monster that wants cookies. If you want this annoying creature to leave you alone, stop feeding it. You cannot simply ignore it but you can it make it smaller by giving it less attention. Eventually, it will go away.

Take Action

Self-doubt means that you care
Self-doubt means that you care, so show some compassion towards yourself

The feeling of self-doubt is a sign of maturity. While you may feel paralyzed, you are actually scared because you are doing something meaningful with your life. In order to overcome this feeling, you have to take action.

Taking action is not the same as running away; it is the exact opposite. You are taking action in spite of what you are feeling. Just try to stay focused despite anxiety and fear. It is as simple as “Just Do It”.

Talk to People Around You

Connect with people and share your fears and doubts

Feeling bottled up inside is just making us more anxious. Speak up, take away the powers of negative thoughts and doubts. When you hear yourself talking out loud can often help you to hear how exaggerated these thoughts are.

You Do You

Do not compare yourself with others or dwell on the past

The worst thing we are all guilty of is comparing ourselves to others. You are unique and the only person you should compare yourself is you. Start writing a diary to see your progress. Paying attention to others is important in terms of empathy, but you really need to be focused on yourself and learn to accept and love yourself if you want to share the pleasant feelings with others.

Celebrate Every Step Forward

fight self-doubt with positive actions
Do more things that make you happy, dance, sing, laugh

In order to overcome self-doubt and get a more realistic picture of yourself, you should give yourself a break and celebrate small victories. You can treat yourself with your favorite cup of coffee, a new pair of socks, or make a home spa night. Do what makes you happy.

If You Are Feeling Stuck

Overcoming self-doubt and achieving goals
Set your goals and take action, with or without self-doubt

Sometimes taking action seems impossible. Instead of beating yourself up, do something else. Meditate or play your favorite song. Sing out loud and dance. Go for a run or take a walk. You need to clear your head in order to remember why you started a certain project and to get a boost of motivation.

Self-doubt is a tricky feeling. You cannot attack in the same manner as fear or get rid of it as you can do with anger. It really is a challenge but giving up on your dreams is not an option.

Learning new things, making positive changes in your lifestyle, spending time with your loved ones, reading and writing a diary, working out, all these things will make your mind stronger and raise your self-esteem. Instead of fighting self-doubt, simply do more meaningful things that will make it harder for this feeling to grow. In fact, it will start getting smaller and more bearable until you stop noticing it.