Learn These Best Dog Sitting Tips

Most dogs are friendly, affectionate pets that are a pleasure to take care of. If you love dogs and a friend is out of town, then you can gladly agree to take care of them. 


However, when their owners are gone, dogs may be anxious and hard to care for. This is particularly the case if you’re in your own place looking after them and they’re in an unfamiliar setting.

You can make dog sitting a useful experience for you and the pup by obtaining the appropriate supplies, learning about the behavior and training of the dog, and staying engaged with the dog. Read on to learn some tips for dog sitting.

Learn These Best Dog Sitting Tips

Meet Your New Companion Before Dog Sitting

Before dog sitting, it is not only recommended to visit your four-legged buddy, but also their owner. This will give you the chance to ask some concerns about the dog and the home in which they live and ensure that it is a pleasant stay. 

When you talk with the owner, the dog would probably enjoy giving you a short sniff. If dogs see that a new person is happy with their owner, they are more likely to feel settled as well.


First impressions always count, as with any person or animal. The owner can watch and see how you communicate with their furry member of the family and with them as well! It’s crucial that the sitter and owner get along, which also adds to the strength of their newfound relationship.

Determine Their Exercise Needs

It is important to walk all dogs on a regular basis, but some require more exercise than others. Ask the owner about the schedule of the dog’s exercise and how frequently they need to be walked. Some dogs like their walking route’s familiarity, so ask where they’re brought as well. 

You may want to take them to a dog park, in addition to exercise, where they can play around openly and interact with other pets. You should also consider studying the needs of specific breeds for exercise.

Ask About the Dog’s Medical History

Dogs also have medical emergencies, so you’ll want to be ready. Make sure that you inquire about previous health issues and problems related to the breed of the dog and how you can deal with them. 

If you need to take the dog to a vet clinic during an emergency, you can examine the records. Ask how it’s normally handled if you have to give the dog medication. You could help to crush pills or hide them in food if you have to give them.

Stick to Their Routine

Learn These Best Dog Sitting Tips

For all domestic dogs, daily and consistent routines are necessary. Being creatures of habit, dogs have a clear outlook on the world that can be modified drastically in alignment with the setting in which they are. 

They would like to know that they’re going to be waking up, eat, and sleep all in their normal and predictable cycles if they stay at home. You offer to keep the dog in their own space by being a dog sitter and adhere to a routine.

This would be a perfect opportunity for the dog sitter to ask any questions about the dog’s lifestyle in addition to the tip about meeting the pup before. 

Make sure to take note of these time slots and be ready to set your alarm a little earlier or go to bed a little later to make sure that your new friend feels comfortable in their home with you. 


We hope these tips for dog sitting set you up with your new furry friend for a nice time. A lot of cuddles and playtime, of course, are also part of the dog sitting deal.