Learn the Best Exercises to Lose Weight According to Trainers

If you are reading this, perhaps you are on your weight loss journey and looking for the best weight loss methods, you’ve come to the right place. This post is about getting you back in shape and losing all that fat, whether it’s getting to the gym, simple jogging, or even going for yoga, we will all get into that. 


If you intend to lose weight (which I want to think is the case), then the first thing you have to consider is adopting healthy eating habits. A calorie deficiency diet can put the calories you intake to work. Having enough sleep and rest are other contributors to weight loss.

Before we go any further, check with your medical practitioner to go ahead on this journey. This is because this weight loss is not meant for everyone. Up next we will look into other factors you should consider while losing weight just before we get into the exercises that can help you out.

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The Kind of Food You Are Eating

Did you know that even if you hit the gym and do all sorts of exercises, it will not yield anything much before you change your bad food choices. By this we mean fast foods, sodas, sugar, wheat, carbohydrates, juices, and anything that has sugar.

Exercising in a Meaningful Way

If you want long-lasting results, then be consistent and work out in a more meaningful way. In other words, hitting the gym for 30 minutes and then catching up with your favorite TV show for the rest of the day will not help, instead do the reverse. 


Aim at working out more times in a week, says Nike master trainer Holly Rilinger. Make sure to incorporate at least one rest day to refuel physically, emotionally, and physically.

Choose Workouts You Enjoy

Most people have issues with consistency and thus end up giving up mid-way. If you are the one I am talking about, probably you should find something you love in an exercise that you can always look forward to. 

This way, you will enjoy your hobbies more than feel like it’s some punishment. If you love jogging, then go for that, you can even do it on a treadmill. Speaking of exercises, here are some of the best and proven activities that will help you lose weight. 

The beauty is you can do them anywhere-from your living room, park, or even the gym. If you want to lose weight, then this is for you.

Interval Training

This is one method every trainer will always recommend. In a nutshell, this is an exercise where your heart rate will shoot up and down repeatedly. This means you will have to go hard on a certain interval, then active rest, go hard again, rest and the cycle going on.

You can also do Indoor cycling but it is more of cardio rather than strength training. Also note that as you train, you will be using your glutes, hamstrings, quads, which aids in weight loss.

If you prefer treadmills, then this will work too, be sure to go really hard for specified intervals and then give it a few minutes to rest and then go hard again. You can start slow and pick up the pace later; as long as you are consistent, you are sure to see results.

Weight Training

Whether you do this with or without any bodyweight, you can incorporate other added weights, this is one method that will bring you results and help you lose weight. Lifting weights is one way to boost metabolism, what this implies is that your body gets to lose weight as you work out. 

When you gain muscles, it means you get more energy, and you can go harder on your exercises next time. Incorporate in weight training in your workouts at least three times a week, which will help your body adjust quickly. 

Start slowly with beginner-friendly workouts, choose the right weights for you, and then increase your weight and pace later after your body is used. You can use dumbbells to work out in your living room and the gym, you can also use barbells or even kettlebells for your strength workout.


This is simple, you will only need a pair of comfortable sneakers to get started. However, if you want to lose weight, running or jogging around is not the best style, instead consider sprinting uphill or even cranking up on the treadmill. 

Sprinting up the hills helps you work on your legs and glutes, which are two of the most important muscle groups on your body. In other words, the more energy you use, the more calories you will burn.


CrossFit has become such a big deal in the workout industry, and the trick is not to overdo it as it is a high-intensity workout. The most important tip to consider as you look for a box (which is CrossFit slang for gym) is a well-trained coach or trainer who can explain everything for you in detail. 


This is a low-impact kind of exercise that works on all your major muscle groups. Just like it is with other workouts, you need to start this with a plan.  For instance, you can try standing upright in the deep end with arms and legs afloat, rest for two minutes and then do it again. 

Then swim for at least 10 sets across the 100 meters’ pool and take in sets between the sets. By the time you are done swimming, your muscles will be happily worn out.

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Bottom Line

These are some of the exercises that will help you lose weight. Remember working out itself is not enough if you haven’t changed your lifestyle and eating habits, it won’t help. You need a trifecta approach of a healthy mind, body and soul.