Learn More: Things You May Not Know About a Monk Lifestyle

There is something about a monk lifestyle that most people can’t quite put a finger on. Perhaps it’s their demeanor or simply the way they carry themselves. Well, if you have found this question hard to answer, you are not the only one.


Most people keep wondering, why do Buddhist monks appear peaceful and well-composed? How have they managed to keep up with this? Is there some secret that we don’t know? Well, there actually is, and we will delve into that in a bit.

For so many years, monks have always believed in being focused and reducing suffering. Let us discover most of their principles and habits. If you have always admired monks, this is your post. Read along with me.


The Monk Lifestyle Believes in Inner and Outer Decluttering

Initially, Buddha was born a prince and later abandoned everything after discovering how frustrating the nature of materialism was. Years later, Buddhist monks still do the same. When it comes to material possession, they keep it to a minimum – something that can fit in a backpack.


They often do things for others rather than themselves. If you ever see them meditate, they are doing it for the whole world. They are selfless in nature and rarely focus on their personal needs.

They Meditate A Lot

One of the reasons people take up a monk lifestyle is because of their love for meditation. They often do so early in the morning and at night for about 1 to 3 hours. You don’t have to start out at the same speed; you can reduce it to 30 minutes for starters.

They Believe in Following the Wise

Like the adage goes “Old is Gold”; monks believe that old age comes with more wisdom. They often seek counsel from old age to help them in their lives. Old people have lots of experience and wisdom to share with the young generation; that is what they look out for.

Listen Without Judging

Naturally, we tend to judge people without even giving their opinions a second thought. However, according to Buddhists, communication should be about helping us understand each other better. They believe in mindfulness, which is all about being judgment-free.

Their policy is to digest everything someone says without evaluating it. You must have heard people who pre-plan answers as they listen; according to monks, this is all wrong.

Monks Believe in Living in the Moment

Its human nature to worry about what the future holds, but monks believe this just putting our energies to waste. As our minds drift, monks believe you should channel back and refocus. Practicing mindfulness helps people get in touch with their thoughts and focus on what matters.

Have you ever been in any situation where you found your mind drifting and wandering about? Well, monks believe you should focus and direct your senses to what’s taking place. However, this takes discipline.

Give Something Everything You Have

Well, this is almost the same as having to focus on one thing at a time. Monks believe if there is any task you are involved in, give it 100% and embrace it wholly. This, however, does not mean you should stress and get frustrated overwork; instead, embrace your work with a sense of peace and concertation.

Come to think about it, you are here now. Why stress about what will come later or the results? Instead, choose to fully embrace your work and then wait for results later on.

Never Stress Over Things You Cannot Control

Letting go and not stressing over things you can’t control is one of the lifestyles monks have taken up. If you do so, then you will understand how your life will start to blossom and you will enjoy your everyday life.

On the flip side, some people tend to hold onto things and refuse to let go. However, monks say when you do so, you are only limited to nature and refusing it to take its course.

Bottom Line

There you have it, folks. Perhaps if you are one of those people who has always admired living the monk’s lifestyle, these are some of the things they believe in. Is it something you can do? Can you live such a lifestyle? Well, these are some of the things that make them unique.