Chakra Meditation YouTube – Find the Best Chakra Meditation Channels

There are many chakra meditation YouTube channels for spiritual people to choose from. Although looking to the internet for inner peace and relaxation may be counterintuitive, the increasing popularity of ASMR and online fitness content shows that audiences are using the web to enhance their physical and mental health.


All manner of experts take to YouTube to share their expertise. Viewers can find coaches on almost any subject, from beauty to video games.

The scientific community cites many possible health benefits from a daily practice of meditation, such as relieving anxiety or reducing the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

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What You First Need to Know

When you first try meditation, nothing is as uninspiring/damaging as lying on a pillow, trying not to think. Meditation is complicated, and it’s tough to do it alone, in silence, when you don’t even know what you are supposed to be really doing.

What should you be feeling? What will happen? But getting into the habit of trying is worth it. Just a few weeks of 10–20-minute meditation every day will bring benefits such as improved sleep and better stress control.


The Benefits of Meditation

When you feel nervous, stressed, and concerned about work, consider attempting meditation. Spending just a few minutes of meditation will restore your peace and quiet inside.

Anybody can do meditation. It’s cheap and straightforward and needs no special equipment.

And wherever you are, you may practice meditation — whether you’re out for a stroll, taking the subway, or waiting at the doctor’s office.

Meditation will give you a sense of relaxation, peace, and balance, which will help both your mental well-being and overall health.

And those benefits don’t end when your session of meditation is finished. Meditation can help to get you through the day more calmly and can help you control the effects of certain medical conditions.

What Happens When You Meditate

If you meditate, you can clear off the abundance of knowledge that builds up every day and contributes to your stress.

Meditation can also be helpful if you have a medical problem, in particular one that can be exacerbated by stress.

Although an increasing variety of clinical evidence supports meditation’s health benefits, some researchers suggest it is not yet possible to draw conclusions regarding the potential benefits of meditation.

Meditation is a collective term with several forms for a peaceful state of being. There are several kinds of meditation and relaxation techniques that have components of meditation. All hold the same aim of achieving inner peace.

You can now try meditation online via YouTube and its various chakra meditation channels.

Chakra Meditation Youtube Channels You Can Follow

Michael Sealy

Sealy, who is qualified and accredited with the Australian Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy in hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy, produces videos meant to be listened to during the actual time of meditation.

Initially, a warning indicates that you should not watch while driving or running machinery … or at home on the subway. 

His videos are profoundly calming but not especially sleep-inducing. Some also require hypnosis.


Who wouldn’t imagine seeing a unicorn in the woods? The Honest Guys have a series of “fantasy meditations” in addition to your regular sleep meditations and relaxation videos, which are intended to take you through the mystical worlds as you decompress. 

Their platform began as a place to chat about various movements and books of self-help but developed into something completely different.

The team creates extremely complex fairytale-like meditations, which some people find relaxing and immersive, with the aid of their artist, Siân. Try the video of wolves playing.

Yellow Brick Cinema

This channel mostly focuses on soothing music, rather than actual meditations. Still, it has one of the most full and well-rounded collections available.

They have fantastic background music to keep you focused on your workday, or eight-hour sleeping music to keep you stupid. 

Listening to a non-musical text video from a different YouTuber, you can listen to one of their music meditations and customize your meditative experience.

Mahakathah Meditation Mantras

This is a source from Hindu mythology for songs, mantras, shlokas, chants, and tales.

For reflection, health, and spiritual healing, the channel gathers, curates, and brings together some of the most calming Hindu mantras. We share some of the best tales of Indian mythology for both adults and children alike.

Mahakatha is a canal dedicated to the mythological and spiritual richness of India’s riches. Mahakatha-produced music, chant, tales, and stories will take you on a journey to everlasting Nirvana.


Meditation is believed to be able to calm your nerves and release negative energy. One can start or end their day with meditation as easy as logging into these different chakra meditation channels. 

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