Learn How to Watch Soccer Online on Mobile

As one of the most popular sports in the world, soccer is watched by millions of people through television or mobile streaming apps. Many people often watch soccer on their mobile phones due to time constraints or limited access to premium cable channels that are quite expensive.


If you’re a fan of soccer and want to be updated on the action, now is the time for you to find the most highly recommended apps to watch soccer online. These apps are a guaranteed way to watch soccer matches live without any glitches.

Check out the article below to learn more about how to watch soccer online on mobile and have the best live-streaming application on your phone to enjoy soccer games.

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What to Consider Before Choosing How to Watch Soccer Online on Mobile

You might be tempted to randomly choose any mobile application that lets you watch soccer online but there are things that you need to be careful with.

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Some apps might contain viruses or malware that can damage your phone.


Some of them might even require you to enter your credit card information which can be very sketchy if they are not regulated or official applications from reputable platforms.

Here are the things that you need to consider before choosing how to watch soccer online on mobile.

Downloading Apps

The best way to know for sure that you are downloading a safe mobile application is to download it only on legitimate download platforms such as Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

These are just some of the most popular and the most trusted platforms that you can use to download mobile apps for soccer games.

If you encounter any links that tell you to download from another website or platform, take it as a hint to avoid it on your phone.

Safety of Your Personal Information

Another factor to consider when choosing and downloading mobile apps that let you watch soccer games is when they ask you for credit card information right off the bat.

There are streaming platforms that offer free trials and then let you subscribe to their monthly or yearly plan which requires you to enter your credit card information.

This is fine but if they require you to enter your credit card information immediately upon registration, this should be considered as a red flag.

Bloated with Ads

If you have already downloaded a streaming app, try to check first if the app offers everything that you need. Make sure that there are limited or no ads filling up your tiny mobile screen.

If you do encounter an app that is bloated with ads, this can be a sign that it is filled with viruses and malware ready to take your information away.

Mobile apps are notorious for having ads and if they obscure your viewing experience, this should be a sign that you need to uninstall such apps from your phone.

Simple User Interface

You do not want to watch the live stream filled with ads and many other options floating through your small mobile phone screen.

Having a simple user interface is a must for those who want to watch the live stream on their phone.

You only have a limited amount of space and you want an app that lets you enjoy the experience so choose one that has the simplest interface for you to navigate.

Best Live Streaming Football Apps for Your Mobile

Soccer games are so popular that many premium cable channels and streaming platforms always advertise them as sporting events.

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If you have the budget to subscribe to these channels, you can always enjoy watching them on your TV but if you have a limited budget, these are the best live-streaming football apps that you can watch on your mobile phone.


FuboTV is one of the most popular mobile apps that you can download and use to watch the most action-packed soccer games from all over the world.

The app features a very simple user interface and does not require a lot of space for it to work on your phone. You can search any soccer league on the app and you will find the games streamed live.

There is also an option to watch other soccer games on demand and have different features such as commentaries, stats, and many more.


Another great mobile app to watch soccer is the ESPN+ app. The app features different premier soccer leagues like the Bundesliga, La Liga, FA Cup, and Championship.

While it may require you to subscribe to watch the games at $10.99 a month, you will surely enjoy all the features on the app including commentaries, insights, interviews, stats, and the latest news about your favorite teams and players.

Not only that, you also gain access to many other sports and watch all of them live or on-demand.


Paramount+ is a streaming platform that lets you watch the best soccer games in the world featuring games from the Champions League, Serie A, Europa League, Brasileirāo, and many more for just $5.99 a month.

Don’t worry about the price tag as you can take advantage of the free trial that they offer. If you like what you see, you can always subscribe to their monthly plan and if you want to save more money, you can go for the yearly plan.

CBS Sports

The CBS Sports app brings you the latest news and videos from your favorite teams in soccer. You get so much more from just downloading the app on your phone.

You receive the latest as well as stats, insights, and analysis from experts and players.

You can also adjust the interface to your preference which makes your viewing experience so much better.

Live Football TV

Live Football TV is one of the most popular mobile apps if you’re a fan of soccer. You get updates without even subscribing to any plan.

It is the biggest platform where you can watch soccer games and many other matches live. You get everything that you need when it comes to football action.

You can find hundreds of channels that offer free live streams of your favorite matches.


It is no longer impossible to watch soccer online on your phone with the help of these mobile applications. Finally, you can enjoy watching live streams, receiving news updates, and never have to worry about missing a match with these mobile apps.