Learn How to Get the Best Characters from Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact offers one of the best games for mobile devices. The game uses anime-inspired graphics and has a vast open-world that players can run around and explore. With so many options to choose from, Genshin Impact also offers a lot of characters for you to choose from.


They come in different abilities and have different play-styles. Some have a direct approach to combat while others are far more complex to execute. Nevertheless, all of the characters are well-designed and are fun to play.

These Genshin Impact characters are some of the best in the game and many players would want to acquire them. If you want to know which are the best characters in Genshin Impact and how you can get them, then read on to learn more.

Learn How to Get the Best Characters from Genshin Impact
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Diluc is probably the most contested DPS character in Genshin Impact right now. Anyone who owns Diluc will know that his abilities can immediately dispose of all of your enemies using just a few combos. 

His regular attacks also deal quite heavily, and he is one of the few mainstays in your team. Diluc uses fire and his claymore as his main weapon. 


He unleashes attacks in quick succession using his fire element and makes sure that all enemies are immediately destroyed with the extra Pyro damage caused by his abilities.


Venti is a skilled bow user that infuses his ranged attacks with Anemo effects. The wind elemental skills can also be used to dodge certain attacks. 

Venti is often used to create a huge area of effect that launches the enemies up in the area so you and the rest of your team can damage the enemies.

Venti is one of the most in-demand characters in Genshin Impact. Both of his abilities offer a lot of crowd control and damage. He is great in skirmishes especially if you are getting outnumbered on the battlefield.


Fischl is a very mobile character in Genshin Impact. Mobility is one of the most powerful attributes in the game as it allows you to dodge attacks from the enemies when timed correctly. This also means that you can set up your attacks effectively and make sure that you don’t receive damage.

Fischl’s abilities include the ability to summon an electric raven that attacks all nearby enemies. Her elemental burst skill allows her to transform into a raven that will help her get out of a sticky situation. Once safe, she can return to dealing with damage from far away.

Her mobility is one of her unique attributes in the game. She can easily remove herself from a dire situation and deal damage all at the same time.


Qiqi is another great addition to your team. This cute little zombie uses Cryo element to deal with damage and heal allies on the battlefield. 

Her ability Preserver of Fortune marks all the enemies in a certain area and deals Cryo damage while also healing party members that attack the marked targets. 

What truly makes her a great support character in the game is her Herald of Frost, which follows her around and heals all nearby characters based on her attack. Her heal is also based on her attack which means you get rewarded for building her with more damage.


Learn How to Get the Best Characters from Genshin Impact
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Keqing is one of the most versatile characters in the game. Oftentimes, you would want her to be on your team to cause as much damage as possible; however, she can also teleport across the battlefield to get her out of harm. 

With this much safety from her skillset, Keqing is a must-have when it comes to playing Genshin Impact. She can do melee damage as well as ranged attacks interchangeably. 

She also uses her area of effect damage to evaporate her enemies as fast as possible. Her true strength lies in her ability to chain her attacks rapidly which makes her the perfect addition to your team.


These Genshin Impact characters are currently some of the best in the game. They are considered overpowered to the point that it may tip the game to your advantage. So, learning how to get characters like them should be your top priority in order to fully succeed in the game.