How to Improve Memory by Playing Little Things Forever on Mobile

Are you looking for a game that helps you improve your memory? Little Things Forever game is designed to keep the mind alert. Besides enhancing your memory, you have an opportunity to improve your problem-solving skills with this game.


The game is about searching for little things such as a needle in big images. As such, the Little Things Forever game is an object hunting game. It is fun and healthy for your brain performance.

Little Things Forever is available in the Goggle Play and Apple App Store, allowing you to install it on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. You will have fun finding items and collecting pieces for solving puzzles. Learn more about this app below!


About the Little Things Forever App

Little Things Forever features different little things that make up a larger piece of artwork. It has an elegant design with the most significant part as a star, which you will find on the menu screen. Playing this game is fun and no training is required even for a beginner.

When starting the game, you zoom into one of the items that make up the star. You need to concentrate and be a critical thinker to find the solution. After zooming in, you will receive a list of items to find.


It is not as easy as you think to solve this masterpiece. Therefore, you must be alert and cautious. You are allowed to zoom and scroll to find the item. Once you find it tap on it to select, and it will start to sparkle if you found the right one.

When you tap on the wrong item, an X will flash on the screen, and you can continue to move forward, looking for the right one. You must finish the puzzle piece before moving to the next one. This process means you need concentration.

Once you find all the items on the first list, you will receive another one for the next puzzle. There are about nine puzzles you can solve, and, as you start mastering the game, it becomes more challenging since new items are introduced.

After solving the puzzle, your reward is that you unlock one of the things that make up the star. You have to repeat the same process for other problems. With time you will realize that this game is more helpful for improving your memory than having fun.


One of the most significant features of the Little Things Forever game is its multiple user support. This feature allows you to have four different games saved at once. Moreover, the ability to zoom will enable you to see the small things more clearly in order to solve the puzzle as fast as possible.

There are thousands of little things to find. The list is randomly generated for you to find different items. You have to collect more than 100 puzzle pieces to solve all nine puzzles. The Retina display feature also makes this game unique and beautiful. 

This game can be displayed in different languages, including English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Polish, and Italian, to name a few. In case you experience any crashes during the gameplay, the customer support advises you to switch off your device or restart it.


The Little Things Forever app is free in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. You can easily download it on your mobile phone and start having fun. According to research, this game is essential for improving your memory. The download process takes a few seconds, and you are good to go once you install it.

This game allows you to improve your memory, concentration, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. After playing and solving the puzzles, you are guaranteed a thrilling gaming experience and improved memory.

Bottom Line

Playing Little Things Forever allows you to improve your memory by keeping the brain alert. It involves searching for different items that help solve the puzzles. There are nine puzzles for you to answer and you can unlock new things that make up the star.