How to Get Coins in Kingdom Rush – Tower Defense Game

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game played on mobile devices, such as Android phones and iPhones. The game is developed by Ironhide Game Studio and was released in May of 2013 to astounding numbers. 


The game is set in a medieval fantasy world. Each level of the game has a predetermined path that has empty slots where you can build towers. There are over 18 different towers each with their unique ability that will help you fend off attacking forces.

You will need gold to build stronger towers to make your game a lot easier, and to do this you will need gold coins. Read on to learn some ways for you to earn gold coins effectively in the game.

How to Get Coins in Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense Game
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The Importance of Gold Coins

Kingdom Rush coins are the primary source of income as a player so you can build towers and upgrade them. At the start of each level, players are given a predetermined set of gold coins that you can spend on your towers. Every enemy that you eliminate will have a set amount of gold to give.

Those who have higher strength and health points will give a bigger amount of gold coins when eliminated. There are some stages in the game that give more gold at the start, like the Heroic and Iron Challenge stages. Take advantage of this stage to earn more gold coins and build towers fast.


How to Get More Gold Coins

The most obvious choice to get more gold in the game is to purchase the Premium Content. Note that the Premium Content is only available for the flash-based version of the game. It is currently not available on both iOS and Android versions of the game.

The Premium Content gives extra gold at the start of each level up to 30% of the base amount. Players can take advantage of this extra gold to build towers faster and upgrade them. 

For Android and iOS device users, you can purchase Bag of Gold at the Shop which gives 500 gold at the start of the game when used in a level. 

Another great way to get more gold in the game is by slaying Skeletons and Skeleton Knights from the Graveyard. They do give a small amount of extra gold but they are decent enough to give you a heads up in the game.

Tips to Effectively Earn Gold

Enemies give a small amount of gold every time you eliminate them. It all depends on the type of enemy you get to eliminate. To defeat enemies, you will need to execute them using your towers.

This ultimately means that you need an effective strategy in the game to earn gold, build towers that effectively eliminate your enemy, upgrade them, and win the level. Using your towers effectively against certain types of enemies will help you gain gold.

Know Your Towers

Heavily armored goons will need more than just arrows to crush them. Make sure to use magical towers to dispose of tougher enemies as they provide effective damage against these defensive troops. 

Knowing the type of towers that are effective against certain enemies will also net you more eliminations and more gold in the process. Dwarven Bombard is a tower that provides slow yet powerful attacks and is best used later in the game. 

Barracks are often the go-to structure if you want to immediately execute enemies. Mage towers dispatch tougher enemies while Archer Towers are the basic ones but are also highly valuable when you upgrade them later in the game.

Use Heroes Effectively

How to Get Coins in Kingdom Rush - Tower Defense Game
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Kingdom Rush also has heroes that you can place to help defend your base. Each hero has unique attributes that are useful in different situations in the game. 

It may be tempting to put them at the back to deal with stragglers but placing them out in the front will earn them experience and grant them skills that are helpful in the later stages.


Command over 12 heroes and lead your army to victory in this strategic tower defense game. Put your strategy to the test and build towers and defend your kingdom by crushing the enemy force. 

Learning how to effectively dismantle the onslaught of enemy troops is the key to earning more gold in Kingdom Rush.