5 Ways the Digital Age Has Influenced the Freelance World

The digital age has created a freelance world that allows people to work from wherever they choose, and as technology improves so does the freelance workplace. Freelancers have always relied on technology to provide skills to the workforce without being tethered to a desk. 


From having meetings online, to doing your work and submitting online, technology has made the freelance world a better place. However, it has its downside, like having too much freedom to wile away those hours on easily accessible social media. 

If you are a freelancer or thinking of joining the industry, you should know that technology can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. If you are the person I am talking about, grab your favorite libation, and let’s find out how.


It is Easy to Work Together

Thanks to technology, freelancers can work with other talented professionals regardless of where they are in the world. Communication tools have made collaborations between colleagues easy and effortless from using video conferencing to working on shared documents, and so much more.

Apps are helping to manage and participate in freelance work. For example Basecamp helps companies manage projects and work with freelancers on targets while keeping the lines of communication open. 


No Need to Live where You Work

Thanks to the digital world, you no longer have to physically present to work with a company. You can work from wherever you are and still be as productive as someone in the office. Likewise, you can also look for jobs anywhere in the world, you are not limited to your location.

This has been made possible because of technology and user-friendly tools that easily enable colleagues to communicate with each other. Likewise, hiring and job seeking have also changed, you don’t have to go to a physical office to look for work, apply online, do an online interview, and get hired online.

Growing Pains

Whereas things have got smooth and automated, technology has also created issues, and it’s becoming a pain to so many freelancers. There are so many modes of communication that you can be hit up on any one of them, so you’ve got to check all of them. 

Instead of having a real meeting, technology has made it such a way that you might have to wait for some time to get answers from clients. And that’s because they too have to handle a bunch of different communication tools.

Hard Time Detaching from Work

Even though technology has made it possible for people to work remotely, in most cases, they are working longer hours, regardless of whether they are sick or even on weekends. Because freelancers can work from anywhere in the world, competition is steep and a lot is expected.

The buzzing, flashing notifications consistently take freelancers back to work, even when they are taking a break. This kind of mentality leads to burnout and sometimes depression since finding the balance between work and personal life is difficult because it’s all done from the same place. 

Technology has Encouraged Healthier Habits.

Technology has changed so many things, companies are more woke now. They have made use of technology to encourage healthy habits among their freelancers. Such practices include encouraging workers to take breaks, socialize with other freelancers, and exercise.

Bottom Line

Technology is here to stay, and if you are a freelancer, you must know that it’s a blessing as it makes working easier. On the other hand, technology can feel like a curse because there is no off button to messages, notifications and requests from your clients.