See These Most Hilariously Awkward Situations That People Have Ever Been In

Have you ever thought about something so embarrassing you’ve done in the past that you literally cringe every time the traumatic memory pops in to say hello?


Embarrassing and awkward moments are inevitable. At some point (or many points) in your life, you are going to do something so embarrassing – in your opinion – that your troll of a brain will never let you live it down unless you go to therapy.

But just so you know, this happens to everyone. And 9 times out of 10, your embarrassing story is trivial compared to others.


So, to make you feel at least a little better about the awkward situations you’ve been in, I thought I’d do a little compilation of the funniest embarrassing moments on the internet. Some of these are stories of average, everyday people who just so happened to get really unlucky that day. Others are awkward situations that we can all relate to!

Scroll on to see 10 hilariously awkward situations people have ever been in. These should give you a laugh!


1. This guy who did the sneaky silent without knowing he had company

Jared was in a long meeting at work one morning. Scones and coffee were consumed. Shortly after, he needed to hit the bathroom. But on his way, he decided to run back to his desk and quickly check his emails.

As he sat down, he took the opportunity to get some gastrointestinal relief and let out a big gassy silent fart. Little to his knowledge, a female co-worker had followed him back to his desk to discuss the meeting.

The thick, strong stench filled the air in the vicinity of his desk. When she finally caught a whiff, the look on her face turned to shock, like she had been slapped. She tried to talk while secretly holding her breath but they both knew what was up.

The woman quickly ended the conversation and the two co-workers barely spoke after, until she left the company for good. Wouldn’t blame her!

Story originally from Business Insider

2. Huh? Sorry, what? Oh yeah… Ha

When you still can’t hear what someone said for the third time, so you smile and pretend you understood so they don’t think you’re deaf.

3. Umm, sorry that’s my coat…

Yep, this guy went into a store and tried on another customer’s coat.

I’ve actually done this. I took items out of someone’s supermarket trolley and put them in mine thinking it was a trolley full of marked down goods! The woman who owned the trolley was so confused but just stood and watched me make an absolute fool of myself.

4. Sending a text to someone you were talking about

Perhaps not hilarious for you or the person on the receiving end, but pretty funny for anyone else looking in on the situation. Realizing that you’ve just sent a text to the very same person you were talking about can be the most stomach-dropping moment.

You know, when your stomach does a flip and you feel like your insides are going to come up? I mean, it’s not an issue if you were only talking nice things, but more often than not it’s the opposite end of the stick. Ouch.

5. It seemed logical at first…

This woman pulled into a gas station and was on the wrong side of the pump. Drove around to the other side of the pump, still on the wrong side. Drove away.

Yeah, I probably wouldn’t risk going for a third-round either.

6. Accidentally liking your crush’s pic from 2 years ago

So you catch eyes with someone you’ve been acquaintances with for a little while now. You think they’re pretty hot, but you haven’t really spoken. You get home and you enter into full Instagram stalker mode.

You begin scrolling WAY too deep into their feed and you accidentally double-tap. You can un-tap all you like but that notification is sent. You can never see this person again. This cannot be explained in any shape or form.

7. The reason why people stopped dressing up

This guy turned up to a Halloween party in full costume, face-paint and all. It turned out to be more of a casual night of adults talking and drinking wine. See? This is why people have a fear of dressing up these days!

8. Why voice? WHY?

When someone says hello to you, catching you off guard and you respond like some kind of gremlin. Sigh. Why does my voice betray me like this?

9. Talking to objects is a thing

This woman bumped into a mannequin, said sorry, then continued to tell the mannequin she thought it was a human.

I can relate. The number of times I’ve watched someone bump into my child’s empty high chair at a restaurant and then grab hold of the chair whilst saying “I’m SO sorry!” is a little worrying.

10. The dreaded non-hug

This chick hugged her dentist thinking he was going in for one, but he was just removing her bib. That’s awkward. But we’ve all been there in one way or another.

How did these awkward situations measure up for you? There were SO many to choose from (guys, some people have had some seriously embarrassing times), but these ones gave me a good laugh. Spread some light and laughter with your friends and give this a share if you could relate!