The Best French Foods You Need To Try

French foods are simple. French recipes usually only contain four to eight ingredients at any time. The focus always remains on food quality and not how elaborate a dish might be. French foods are mostly mass-produced goods. Because of this, the French are mindful of traditional food processing and manufacturing methods.


Also, if you look in carefully, French foods are rich in olive oils rather than other fats. Most of the French’s food has no artificial ingredients involved and no processed foods. The French diet requires plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Several French chefs have received international acclaim for turning French food into haute cuisine and shaping the worldwide gastronomic scene. A combination of historically popular French dishes is found beyond French wine and cheese. Many of which come with detailed history, regional variations, and modern adaptations. Here are some of the best French foods you need to try. 

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Beignets are typically considered to be a classic New Orleans snack, which they are. Still, those fried fruits or cream-filled pastries originated in France. Once they immigrated to Acadia in Canada in the 17th century, French settlers brought beignets with them. They later brought them to Louisiana when they had to move in. In France, the beignets are as delicious as they are in New Orleans.

Soupe à L’oignon

This is a French-style onion and beef stock soup. The dish has croutons and melted cheese on top. The roots of the soup date back as far as the Romans, although the current version dates back to the 18th century.


The exceptional taste of French onion soup comes from the caramelization of the onions, to which at the end of the slow-cooking process, occasionally brandy or sherry is added. Usually, the liquid is meat stock, though variations include using only water, adding milk, or thickening it with eggs or flour.

Chocolate Soufflé

The term soufflé derives from the French verb to ‘blow out’ and is an airy, egg-baked dish with origins from early France in the 18th century. In France, a soufflé can either be savory or sweet. You can find soufflé on dessert menus worldwide. With an oozing, smooth chocolate center, this dessert gives you a sweet surprise.


Charcuterie is usually served cold and consists of cooked and cured meats. It contains meats such as pâtés, saucisson (salami), and rillettes. This food has different styles all over the world. But what makes French charcuterie so delicious and special is the care put into the product by French chefs. There is also a different variety of charcuterie found in each region of France.


In Flemish, Flamiche means ‘cake,’ and this dish originates from northern France, near the Belgian border. It has a puff-pastry crust full of cheese and vegetables, which looks like a quiche. The popular filling of leeks and cream is very French. There is also a pizza-like flamiche variety, that is without the pie’s top crust. Additionally, you can choose the thin crusty pissaladière, which is surmounted with anchovies, onions, and olives for a southern French twist.

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Traditional French cuisine is a simple combination that enhances essential ingredients’ rich, natural flavors. More than the foods, there is a lot to learn about the French diet and eating habits. Click here for more information.