Follow this Step by Step of How to Obtain UC in PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is an online battle royale game that has become quite popular. It was created by the PUBG Corporation, which is a South Korean company.


PUBG was based on game mods, and was inspired by the movie Battle Royale, which is a Japanese film. It however expanded into a standalone game under the creative direction of its creator.

In this article, we detail a guide to show how you can obtain free UC in PUBG. Continue reading to learn more.

Follow this Step by Step of How to Obtain UC in PUBG
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How Do You Obtain UC in PUBG

PUBG uses cosmetic un-lockable skins to allow players to personalize their weapons and many other items, so they can give them some flair on the battlefield. These however do not come easy, and the game may require you to spend some UC in order to unlock them.

There are many tutorials that claim to help you get UC, but these will either ask that you download a new app, or you visit a provided link in order to earn the free coins to purchase them. This process, however, doesn’t always work, and a good number of these apps are from untrusted developers.


Which Is the Right Way to Get UC?

What you will need for this to happen is an app called “Google Opinion Rewards”.

You can find this app in the Google Play store or the Apple Apps store, and it is an app that essentially pays its users for taking part in various surveys. These are easy surveys and they do pay a decent amount of money. They also reward you in the form of Google Play Balance.

The Google Play Balance can then be utilized for purchasing any app, e-book, or game form the platform. Let us take you through the process of utilizing this app to earn free UC for PUBG.

Start By Installing the App

This is the first step. The app is compatible with most devices, so all you need to do is visit the app store on your iPhone or the Google Play store on your Android device and type in “Google Opinion Rewards”. Click on the “Install” button, so it can start installing on your phone.

Take Part in the Survey

Follow this Step by Step of How to Obtain UC in PUBG
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If it’s your first time using the app, Google may not offer you a reward for taking part in the first few rewards, but you may start getting paid when you attempt to participate in subsequent surveys. Now, open the PUBG app on your phone.

When you have accumulated some balance from the surveys, and wish to redeem them, you will be required to launch the game on your mobile device and visit the UC Purchases section of the game. 

Now under the “UC Purchase”, you will be able to buy UC using the Google balance you have earned from the surveys. You can then select the balance as your method of payment and then buy the number of UC that you want, or what is equivalent to the amount of money you have accumulated.

Once you have been able to purchase UC, then you can start unlocking free skins.


PUBG is a great battle royale that can bring a lot of fun and joy to a player’s life. Obtaining UC in PUBG is essential to get free skins for your weapons in the game.

This is one of the simplest and safest ways of accumulating free skins in PUBG. Be careful when using all the other methods that have been listed online, that include downloading an app that doesn’t have the source information.