Discover This App to Teach a Child to Read More Easily

Homer has a customized learn-to-read plan, and it can help your child develop critical skills! In order to build a customized learning-to-read plan, Homer Reading blends the interests and current reading level of your child.


Homer is a curriculum for early learning for ages 2-8 that is geared to the needs of your child to help them fall in love with reading. 

Two applications, Homer Reading, the established learning-to-read service, and Homer Tales are part of a Homer membership. Read on to check out more information about this app in this blog! 

Discover This App to Teach a Child to Read More Easily
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What Parents Need to Know

Parents should know that Homer Reading: Learn to Read is a research-based reading curriculum that offers up to four children the opportunity to tailor their own interests, books, songs, and more for learning levels and preferences. 

Via stories, lessons in phonics, songs, their own voice recordings, painting, and more, children may learn reading skills. Children that haven’t quite grasped reading can use this software with the verbal instructions and visual reminders of the software separately. 


Parents can also answer a series of questions about what their children know when they create a new user profile, leading to a personalized learning plan. Parents can also select which activities and subject areas children can access once they arrive.

How This App Benefits You and Your Family

Families should chat about using Homer Reading to practice reading skills and learning to read. To progress the lessons together offscreen, use the printable pages for some extension operations. 

If children associate more than reading with music, first use Songs and Rhymes to engage them with the software before moving on to the more standard phonics lessons. 

To foster a love of reading and create off the experiences in the app to bridge learning and real life, use the interests of your child.

Active Learning

This award-winning, research-supported program enables children to participate in active learning by tapping responses, capturing their own voice, and selecting the activity or story they want to explore. 

Since the app adapts to the reading level and interests of your child, it provides a personal path of learning that helps direct children towards literacy. 

Free Drawing

There’s a lot of fascinating material about things like frogs and world music, literature, poetry, songs, and a free-drawing feature, in addition to the excellent formal phonics lessons here, so even children who aren’t quite ready to read will find something enjoyable. 

Many genre-specific sections are included in the novels, such as poetry and folk tales. After a while, the optimistic feedback can sound a little over-the-top. But, with this really thoughtful reading app, that is pretty much everything to nitpick about.

How Much Is This App?

The bundled apps are available, to begin with as a 30-day free full-access trial, then as a monthly ($9.99) or annual (currently $45) subscription. 

Homer is compatible with the App Store, Google Play store, and Amazon platforms for iOS and Android and is available for free. Based on data like their age, reading level, and interests, the app holds space for user accounts for up to four children.

How to Download the Homer Reading App

Discover This App to Teach a Child to Read More Easily
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You may download this app via the Apple App store or the Google Play store. Just search for the app on your respective app store, and then click to download it.


In keeping kids engaged and learning, Homer excels. The app is versatile for a variety of ages and abilities, as well as a variety of learning styles and abilities, from toddlers to growing readers. Download this app now if you are interested!