Discover These Clash of Wizards Game Strategies

With over 1 million downloads, Clash of Wizards – Battle Royale has enjoyed quite the popularity over the years since it was first released. The mobile game offers something unique that is rarely being done within mobile gaming. 


Clash of Wizards – Battle Royale is an interesting mix of collectible cards and a tower defense game. It blends two subgenres very well, making it even more strategic as well as fun to play. You choose your deck of soldiers and spells and fight until you destroy the enemy base.

If you enjoy building your deck of troops and spells while also learning new strategies to defeat the enemy, Clash of Wizards Battle Royale is the day for you. Find out more about this mobile game below.

Discover These Clash of Wizards Game Strategies
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What Is Clash Of Wizards – Battle Royale?

Clash of Wizards is a game set in a fantasy world where orcs, humans, and the undead fight and battle each other to control the magic source in this world known as the Wizard Royale Arena. 

In this game, you take control of a list of an army as you try to protect your main Wizard tower while also attacking the main enemy tower. Two smaller towers protect the Wizard Tower, and your troops must destroy the smaller towers first before you can get to the main one.


Deploy your strongest troops while gathering mana to recruit more and cast powerful spells to take control of the battle. Each round will reward you with different cards that allow you to summon different troops for your battle. 

Win new cards, learn new strategies, and earn more gold and trophies as you finish each round.


At the start of the battle, you have your deck of cards and two defense towers that protect your main tower. Players will then start summoning different troops, each with their own designated mana cost. 

Your mana bar will slowly fill up automatically after time, so you will have to gauge whether you want to summon basic troops that cost less mana or go for the higher tier unit that costs a lot of mana.

Once summoned, your troops will start attacking enemy units until they reach the tower. They will also attack the tower until they destroy it and begin attacking the main tower. There are different units to summon, and each of them has unique attributes that will help you gain an advantage in the game.

You may also use spells to turn the tide of battle. Spells such as arrows and fireballs will help decimate an entire squadron of enemy units in an instant, depending on your level. Make good use of them, but they also cost a lot of mana.

Different Rounds

Each round is timed, so you will need to manage both your mana, your troops, and the countdown timer while defending your base from the enemy all at the same time. 

It may seem not very easy to do at first but learning different strategies will help you get better in the game.

Tips And Strategies

Once you get the hang of the game, it will all be straightforward, but gameplay mechanics keep things fresh for players. This is why strategies are also incorporated in the game, especially during difficult levels. 

Here are some of the best tips and strategies to play the game.

Discover These Clash of Wizards Game Strategies
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Upgrade Your Troops

Every time you win a battle, you will be rewarded with chests containing cards and gold coins. Every card in the game can be upgraded using gold coins. 

Upgrades will make your cards stronger when they are summoned into battle, so choose which cards you want to upgrade since you have a minimal amount of resources to use.

You can balance out your entire army by upgrading weaker ones so they can stand against powerful enemies. On the other hand, if you truly want to stomp the enemy, you might want to upgrade a more powerful unit in your team, but it will cost you more mana to summon them. 

It is up to you to decide which unit you want to upgrade your card collection alongside your spells.

Placement Is Important

While the game is being played by summoning different units and making different combos with your spells, your troops’ placement is also essential in winning the game. Summoning troops that have both offensive and defensive attributes will help fend off enemy units and allow you to push through the enemy base.

Many players would want to summon the highest tier as soon as possible, but that might not be the best strategy. It will take some time before you can gather enough mana to summon again, and time is of the essence in this game. 

You might be able to summon a single powerful unit, but it may be overwhelmed by many enemy troops, which can lead to your defeat.

Plan out the placement of your troops and summon troops that can properly defend your base and attack the enemy. You can later summon powerful units once you have gathered enough mana and army to push through the enemy tower.

Focus Fire

Another great strategy in the game is to focus fire on a single tower. Summon troops in both lanes, with one just enough to defend that lane while the other should have enough power to destroy the enemy tower. 

Focusing all of your strength in one lane to bring the enemy tower down fast is a great early game strategy that will increase your odds of winning the game.


From summoning troops to casting spells and defending your Wizard tower, Clash of Wizards lets you discover fun and exciting ways to enjoy a mobile game. 

The simple mechanics and gameplay make the game easy to play, but the strategies involved keep the game fresh and interesting. Clash of Wizards is currently available for download at the Google Play Store.