Discover The 10 Best Golf Resorts Around The World

Golf courses are generally considered luxurious because relatively few people can afford to play and stay there. Imagine the cost of playing in a vast field; it will cost a hefty amount either from membership or just by merely visiting. 


However, golf courses are designed for playing golf and have a fantastic experience with their amenities. Check out some of the best golf resorts in the world below. Learn about their best features and amenities and where to find them.

Discover The 10 Best Golf Resorts Around The World


Banyan Tree Resort

Starting the list with one of the best golf courses globally – Banyan Tree Resort in Phuket, Thailand. It is recognized as Thailand’s Best Golf Course and two times Asia’s Best Golf Course. The Banyan Tree Resort is a go-to place for tourists who wish to play golf while having access to a mesmerizing three-kilometer beach.

Discover The 10 Best Golf Resorts Around The World
Image Source: Laguna Golf Bintan

Banyan Tree Resort’s golf course is properly called Laguna Golf Phuket. It boasts itself with an 18-hole, par-71 golf course wherein professionals and amateurs can enjoy the fun yet challenging field. The golf course was redesigned by the famous architect Paul Jansen in 2015.


For those who wish to improve or practice their skills in golf, Banyan Tree Resort offers the Laguna Golf Academy. It is well-known for having high-end practice facilities like swing rooms with video analysis, short game and hitting areas, and practice balls. Visitors can buy sessions with professional instructors.

Casa De Campo Resort & Villas

Casa de Campo Resort & Villas houses one of the best and unique golf courses in the world. Interestingly, the golf course is called Teeth of the Dog for its picturesque terrain and scenery. Pete Dye was the one behind the golf course design along the rugged rock and coast of the Dominican Republic.

Discover The 10 Best Golf Resorts Around The World
Image Source: Golf Daily

The golf course has seven holes that Pete Dye planned, but he is famous for the quote, “I created 11 holes, and God created seven.” Teeth of the Dog has a constant stream of golf players because of the exquisite beauty that the place has, especially the view of the azure sea of the Caribbean. 

It is not surprising that the Teeth of the Dog course is the best golf course in the Caribbean and one of the top golf courses to visit globally. The golf course opened in 1971, and it was appropriately maintained to protect its natural beauty and terrain.

Constance Belle Mare Plage

Players and visitors alike will be in awe of the beauty of the golf courses in Constance Belle Mare Plage along the Indian Ocean. The resort has three well-known golf courses that players and visitors can enjoy whenever they feel.

Discover The 10 Best Golf Resorts Around The World
Image Source: Elegant Golf Resorts

Indeed, there will be a place for everyone on the Constance Belle Mare Plage golf courses: the Legend Golf Course, Links Golf Course, and Lemuria Golf Course. The Legend Golf Course was the first to be built by Hugh Baiocchi, a South African Champion, in the heart of an indigenous forest with 18 holes.

Marc Antoine Farry and Rodney Wright designed the Lemuria Golf Course that opened in 2,000 and is the only 18-hole golf course in Seychelles. Lastly, the Links Golf Course was built in 2002 with its own golf course academy run by professional golf instructors who offer training sessions to individuals or groups.

Fancourt Hotel & Golf Estate

Fancourt Hotel & Golf Estate is known to be one of the premier lifestyle hotels in South Africa. Interestingly, it has the best amenities of spas, hotels, restaurants, and the best golf courses in the country – even in the continent and the world. 

Discover The 10 Best Golf Resorts Around The World
Image Source: Golf Pass

Unlike the other golf resorts alongside beaches and seas, the Fancourt Hotel & Golf Estate gives the players and visitors an exquisite experience with its amazing view of the Outeniqua Mountains. Moreover, the resort has three golf courses that players can enjoy: The Links, Montagu, and Outeniqua. 

The Links top the list of best golf courses in the country, while the other two are not far behind in ranking. In addition, the golf courses have comprehensive practice facilities, including a chipping and bunker practice area and a driving range. Lastly, the visitors and players can buy their equipment, apparel, and others at the Pro Shop.

Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Dubbed as one of the most awe-inspiring golf resorts in the United States of America, Kiawah Island Golf Resort has maintained its status as one of the most visited by professional players. Kiawah Island Golf Resort can be found at the beachfront of Charleston, South Carolina.

Discover The 10 Best Golf Resorts Around The World
Image Source: Golfweek – USA Today

The golf resort hosts the Ryder Cup, PGA Championship, and other top-tier golf tournaments, making it a go-to place for golf players and fans. Interestingly, Kiawah Island Golf Resort has five championship golf courses made and designed by the best architects in the field.

Players can experience any five golf courses and enjoy them like professionals while pretending to be in high-tiered competitions. They may choose among the following: The Course Ocean, Osprey Point, Oak Point, Turtle Point, and Cougar Point.


Fiji as an island already has a stunning view with its natural landscape and surrounding waters. So, David McLay Kidd took the challenge to design a high-end golf course in the Laucala island without tarnishing the environment. Kidd successfully integrated the golf course with minimal impact on the coconut plantation in the area. 

Discover The 10 Best Golf Resorts Around The World
Image Source: Leading Courses

This added to the appeal of the golf course as the players will find it amazing to play golf along with the island’s natural environment fantastic, especially with the backdrop of a volcano and the Pacific Ocean. Laucala golf course has a par-72 layout.

The golf course has the standard 18 holes. One interesting hole is the par-five 12th along the islands’ beach, so players will enjoy the waters if it is a high tide. Laucala offers players the experience of playing golf integrated into nature.

Terre Blanche

It will be an exciting experience to play golf in Terre Blanche as it is regarded as the Best Golf Resort in Europe for six consecutive years. The resort is found in France, wherein it has become an established tourist destination for its golf club members.

Discover The 10 Best Golf Resorts Around The World
Image Source: Terre Blanche

Terre Blanche has two 18-hole championship golf courses, Le Château and Le Riou, known for their stunning scenery. It is well-designed by Architect Dave Thomas because the golf courses artistically highlight the contours of nature to boost the love for the game and their love for nature.

True to its goal of highlighting nature, Terre Blanche has a flora conservation plan. They started changing the grass of tees, semi-roughs, and fairways to Bermuda Grass Riviera. It will help reduce the consumption of water as well as the use of phytosanitary products.

The Broadmoor

Any professional or amateur golf player wants to play on golf courses wherein prestigious tournaments were held. Worry not, The Broadmoor golf course is just right there, found at the Cheyenne Mountain foothills of Colorado Springs. The Broadmoor has two championship golf courses.

Discover The 10 Best Golf Resorts Around The World
Image Source: Colorado Avid Golfer

These two golf courses are consistently part of the list of best golf courses in the world. Thus, The Broadmoor already hosted some major golf tournaments like PGA Cup Matches and US Women’s Open. It is also set to host the 2025 US Seniors’ Open.

Moreover, it is known to be a place where presidents, celebrities, and other prominent individuals play golf. Players and visitors can enjoy additional amenities like a restaurant, a merchandise shop, and others. The Broadmoor is also known for its quality golf instruction by professionals.

The Ritz-Carlton Golf Club

The Ritz-Carlton is famous for golf resorts across the Americas. One of the more popular ones is the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands. It has the exquisite beauty of the Caribbean surrounding the golf course, making the players fall in love with the scenery.

Discover The 10 Best Golf Resorts Around The World
Image Source: Golfscape

Although the golf course is relatively smaller compared to others on the list with only nine holes, it is a must-visit place for golf players. The resort offers a sense of luxury with its ambiance and amenities. Players can enjoy the golf course under the sun, reflecting on the field and the waters.

Moreover, players love the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club for the other things they can experience during their visit. They can go kayaking to venture into the lovely sea or stay at the hotel and relax in the spa with a soothing massage.

The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort

The St. Regist Saadiyat Island Resort attracts players and visitors for its fantastic golf course and five-star hotel accommodation. The golf resort ensures that the players will have a great time during their stay as it does not only have the golf course by the exquisite amenities like hotels, spas, and restaurants.

Discover The 10 Best Golf Resorts Around The World
Image Source: Middle East Golf Digest

The golf course is a stunning view because it skirts along the Saadiyat beach. Also, it is designed by the iconic golf player, Gary Player. According to reviews, the players love the resort because of the experience on the white sand beach while playing golf. 

The reviews of the players and visitors made the St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort a top destination for golf players.


They say that players do not only enjoy playing golf itself, but also the other things that the golf resorts offer. The features, services, and amenities differ from place to place. But, one thing is for sure, players will not have a hard time finding great golf courses as there are many fantastic golf resorts in the world.