Discover Some of the Fastest Animals in the World

Did you know that the cheetah is not just the fastest animal on the planet?  In fact, the fastest creature in the world is a bit complicated to believe in. The winner is a bird that dives higher in the speed of 400 km/hour and is incredible to watch. 


Speed is the matter of survival in the wild areas to either catch the prey or escape from the predators. It is estimated that there are over 8.7 million species of animals and plants on the planet. Some are the fastest ones, some sluggish, huge, and extremely small too. 

It’s unfair to mention just the land animals on this list. All the elements like air, water, and land have their own advantages to help animals attain the highest speed possible. 


Discover Some of the Fastest Animals in the World

Similarly, note that there is no definitive list of the fastest animals because some species are yet to be recorded scientifically. Till then, look into the list of the fastest animals and their speed we are truly aware of.


Peregrine Falcon – Top Speed Of Over 350 km/h

Birds have several advantages when it comes to speed because they can fly freely in an empty sky. But comparatively, the Peregrine Falcon is swifter and can reach a speed of over 350 km/hour. 

The widespread bird looks a bit dull when it alights. There are nineteen variants of this bird recorded to date, varying in sizes and colors. Except for Antarctica, the Peregrine can be found on all other continents.

They have pale underbellies and black bars on their back with special nostrils. The nostril allows them to breathe and regulate air pressure while diving. The peregrine falcon has third eyelids to blink to clear away the dirt while flying higher, also called a nictitating membrane

Discover Some of the Fastest Animals in the World
Image Source: Everyone-Plos

Golden Eagle – Top Speed Of Over 240 km/h 

The golden-brown eagle is magnificent to watch when they fly and deadly while diving. The reason is their changing speed and powerful beak. Initially, they drift at 50 km/h, but within a mere span of time, they can reach up to 240 km/h. This usually happens when they dive for their prey.

Golden eagles can be found across different habitats, like mountains, riverside cliffs, or hills. They can be found in large numbers in territories like Northern Africa, Europe, and Asia. 

Discover Some of the Fastest Animals in the World
Image Source: Feathered Photography

Mexican Free-Tailed Bat – Top Speed Of Over 160 km/h

The Mexican free-tailed bat’s exact population is unknown to date as they migrate to Mexico during winters. Yet, the Bracken Cave colony has 20 million bats, and it’s the largest known colony. 

The adult bats weigh just 12 grams, and their gestational age is 90 days only. With a 160 Km/hour speed, the Mexican free-tailed bat ranks third in the list of fastest animals and the first fastest mammal.  

Discover Some of the Fastest Animals in the World
Image Source: Arizona Highways

Pigeon – Top Speed Of Over 149 km/h

A pigeon has several subspecies, and it’s a bird that everyone might have seen once in their lifetime. There are over 400 million pigeons, and their average life span is a year and a half. Some pigeons might look fat and lazy, but even their speed ranges up to 149 km/hour. 

Pigeons have a short neck and slender bills, and they usually feed on fruits, seeds, and plants. They are considered to be the intelligent birds among all other bird species. Hence, in ancient times pigeons were used as messengers.

Discover Some of the Fastest Animals in the World
Image Source: CGTN

Black Marlin – Top Speed Of Over 131 km/h

Black marlin tops the list of the fastest fish on the planet, and surprisingly it’s faster than the cheetah. Adding to the list, it’s also one of the largest bony fish, with a length of 4.65 meters and 750 kg weight. They have a spear-like jaw and an elongated dorsal fin.  

To date, the highest recorded swimming time of the fish is 131 km/hour. Black marlin can be found in the Indo-Pacific region in tropical and subtropical waters. The worth of the Black marlin is estimated to be around $31,325.30 per pound.

Discover Some of the Fastest Animals in the World
Image Source: Black Marlin Blog

Grey-headed albatross – Top Speed Of Over 127 km/h

Grey-headed albatross are solitary animals as they don’t prefer living with others. They are large sea-birds from the albatross family. To date, the bird has recorded a speed of over 127 km/hour straight for nine hours. 

Grey-headed albatross has a dark ashy grey head with a 2.2-meter wingspan. The wingspan helps them to maintain their balance while flying at higher altitudes. The bird population is declining rapidly, but they are indeed the best bird species to look after!

Discover Some of the Fastest Animals in the World
Image Source: Oceanwide Expeditions

Cheetah – Top speed Of Over 120 km/h

Cheetah, the fastest land animal on the earth, popular for its speed and sharpness of the eye. They can easily accelerate to 100km/hour within a span of three seconds to catch the prey. It’s also seen that Cheetahs can hit 120 km/hour in a single stride during hunting.  

To date, there are 7,100 cheetahs left in the wild. The African Cheetah have vanished 90% of the total population, yet the future remains uncertain. Hence, the conservation status of cheetahs is vulnerable as of now.

Discover Some of the Fastest Animals in the World
Image Source: Live Source


With this, we end our list of the fastest animals in the world, both endangered and known ones. A golden eagle’s top speed is 240 km/hour, whereas an African wild dog runs 60 km/hour. 

But all of them share the same planet and have their own importance, making the world a fascinating place to live in!