Discover 7 Cartoons with Bizarre Theories

There is nothing as irritating as someone trying to ruin your childhood memories. Imagine someone trying to tell you that all the cartoons you watched in your childhood contain spooky theories


So, what are the weirdest theories you have ever seen about cartoons? Going by the number of them floating around the internet, there seem to be a lot. Theories for cartoons can be silly or scary.

But, which ones are most bizarre of them all that is so deep that it would leave you red-faced? You can certainly learn more about the cartoons with the most bizarre theories if you read on. 

Discover 7 Cartoons with Bizarre Theories
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The Flintstones

One cartoon that everyone must have watched by now is the Flintstones, which pretty much portrays a post-apocalyptic era. One of the ideas is that they live in the BC where you wouldn’t expect them to have T.V. or cars. 

So, the right idea is that the world is gone and humanity holds on to the little they had in the modern-day.


Powerpuff Girls

The cartoon’s main characters are three superhero girls. And, while you may not have seen it before; today, you can tell that they are more or less the same girl. 

The theory here is that they are the same person with multiple personalities. The main antagonist, ‘’Mojo Jojo’’ is an imagination of this girl, and it splits the personality to fight them.

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Imagine “nowhere”, that’s the theory about this cartoon. To you nowhere can mean a number of places because you have been to a number of places. 

But, for courage the dog, the owners are too old to take him out so he has to make do with where he is. He’s literary in the middle of nowhere forever. 


Do you believe that Dexter actually had a lab in his house? Now that you’re grown up you can probably see clearly that it was all in his head. 

Imagine this, he only had his family and a few friends to contend with and his experiments, but it is all in his head. It’s more of an imagination theory here. 


How could a bunch of kids be able to pull off fighting off one ghost after another? How about the villains in the cartoon series? 

They are all respected people in a gone society who are looking to come back from something. Hence the post-depression theory here; a great depression has occurred and has left, in its wake, fallen people.

Ed, Edd n Eddy

These guys just couldn’t move on anywhere in life because they were just in the same place throughout. It perfectly portrays the Purgatory theory as it can be imagined that these are three ghosts stuck in between moving on to the afterlife and coming back. 

So, the back and forth without really ever going anywhere. Maybe, the had an accident and have nowhere else to turn to. 


Discover 7 Cartoons with Bizarre Theories
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Do Jon and Odie actually exist in this cartoon? Well, that’s a question that would blow your mind. The theory for this one is imaginary, and Garfield has died of starvation, and he’s imagining the presence of Jon and Odie. It’s one of the creepiest theories that you can think of.  


After reading this, your childhood may be looked at differently. You have theories here that you have to take a good look at in order for them to settle in. The creativity of these cartoons allow for theories to give them a whole different view.