Dirtiest Places You Encounter While Traveling

Have you considered the dirtiest places you might encounter while traveling? Do you usually fall sick when you travel? It could be because you have contracted something nasty either one a plane or while waiting in line at the airport.


In this article, we have compiled for you a list of some of the dirtiest places you are likely going to encounter during your travels.

The good news is, with lots of hand sanitizer and a little knowledge, you can stay healthy on your vacation.

dirtiest places

Hotel Remotes

Hotel maids may bleach bathrooms and dust nightstands, but the truth is, they rarely clean TV remotes. Studies that were conducted by microbiologists found out that remote controls for televisions and other appliances have the highest levels of bacterial contamination within hotel rooms.

To avoid this germy contact, cover the remote with a free hotel shower cap before you use it.


Airplane Bathrooms

Whereas the airplane bathrooms are tiny, they are a huge breeding ground for germs. Because of the size, flushing sprays bacteria in almost every corner of a plane bathroom, including the door and sink.

Think of that messy passenger who leaves the sink wet; this encourages more germs to breed. To avoid contamination from these germs, wash your hands with soap and use a paper towel to open the door. You can also use your hand sanitizer after getting back to your seat.

Airplane Seat Pockets

We have seen travelers shove dirty diapers, sunflower-seed shells, tissues, and even banana peels into the plane seat pockets. And in most cases, that black hole of grossness is never cleaned thoroughly.

You are better off not putting anything in that pocket. This is like keeping your stuff in a public trashcan for your flight duration.

Airplane Tray Tables

Some are used as diaper-changing tables for toddlers, barf bag holders, dirty-tissue depositories, and so many more dirty items. These tables are not sanitized between the flights due to the quick flight turnovers.

So, consider that before you eat on any of those tables. Alternatively, wipe it down with a sanitizing wipe before you use it.

Blankets and Pillows

Don’t be too excited to get a pillow and blanket on your next flight, more so if they are not plastic-sealed. These pillows are not sanitized between shorter trips.

Imagine if the traveler who used it before you was sick and drooling all over that pillow? What if they used that blanket as a makeshift tissue? Gross, right? You are better off bringing your own pillow and blanket.

Water Fountains

Where would you rather drink water from: a public toilet or public water fountain? Well, the latter has more bacteria. Studies conducted by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF International) found out that public fountains are one of the dirtiest spots.

Think with me for a minute, when was the last time you saw a fountain being cleaned? Never, right? Well, that is something to think about the next time you think of refilling that travel bottle with water at a public fountain.

Hotel Bedspreads

Do not be deceived by that beautiful, fresh looking bed. That bedspread you see on your bed has not been washed in a long while. Most hotel house cleaners wash bed sheets but do not bother cleaning the top comforters, which makes them a breeding ground for body fluids and bedbugs.

To avoid getting in contact with germs of past guests, remove the bedspread, and only sleep with washed blankets and sheets.


The next time you are on the plane or in that hotel room, make sure you watch out for these dirtiest places, and in case you forget, remember to sanitize your hands now and then. I bet you won’t want to fall sick on your vacation.