Laurentian Bank Credit Card – How to Apply?

Looking for a credit card that gives you a generous rewards and an insurance package that you can use anywhere in the world? If so, a Laurentian credit card is right for you. Read on to find out how to apply for a Laurentian credit card.


Depending on your credit standing and financial status, you can get exclusive perks and privileges from any of the Laurentian credit cards. These cards are powered by Visa, so you can use them anywhere in the world. With a Laurentian credit card, you can make purchases online or offline. Moreover, you can book your local or international trips complete with hotel accommodation. Finally, you are entitled to cash rewards and other features and benefits…

Laurentian Bank Credit Card Features

Laurentian Bank offers a complete line of credit cards that suit the needs and lifestyles of different types of people. You can choose from the basic Laurentian Bank Visa Dollars to the premium Laurentian Bank Visa Infinite. Each card has its unique set of advantages as well as fees and interest rates. For this article, let’s take a closer look at Laurentian Bank Visa Dollars card.


The Laurentian Bank Visa Dollars card is perfect for basic everyday purchases. Read on to know the benefits of owning this card…

Laurentian Bank Visa Dollars Benefits

Laurentian Bank will welcome you as a new cardholder with BONUS cash back of $25. You are also entitled to a credit worth 50% of your annual fee. You will also enjoy a 21-day interest-free payment deferment.


This card is known for its rewards program. With this, you can get 3% cash back on pre-authorized debits, 2% on grocery items and gas, and 1% on other valid purchases. Once your credits balance is $25 or greater, you can redeem a cashback credit anytime.

You are also entitled to Purchase Insurance. This means you’ll get a refund on the items bought using this card if they are lost due to theft or are damaged accidentally within 90 days after the purchase. You can also get an Extended Warranty which will extend the manufacturer’s warranty of the product up to one year.

Moreover, this card has a Visa Zero Liability feature that protects you from any unauthorized use of your card. With this feature, you can shop without worrying about being hit with fraudulent purchases.

Want a credit card that gives insurance package and generous rewards that you can use anywhere in the world? Laurentian Bank Credit Card is for you. Here's how to apply...

How to Apply

You can apply for Laurentian Bank Visa Dollars by visiting the bank’s website and filling out the online application form. You can also drop by any branch for an offline application.

You should also take note of the bank’s requirements. One of them is that you should be a resident of Quebec or Ontario. You will also need to present proof of identification showing you are aged 19 or older.

On top of this, the bank will ask for your employment and income information and social insurance number.

If your application is approved, Laurentian Bank can give you a credit limit of up to $5,000. But this can be lower or higher depending on your credit score and financial status.

Fees and Interest Rates

Laurentian Bank charges different fees and interest rates depending on the card you request. For the Laurentian Bank Visa Dollars card, you will pay a $65 annual fee. You should also take note of other fees such as the Cash Advance fee of $3.50 in Canada and $5 abroad.

Any unpaid minimum payments ($50 or 3% of the total amount, whichever is greater) of the previous months will be added to the present account statement.

This card comes with an annual interest rate of 19.99%.


In summary, a Laurentian Bank credit card, particularly the Visa Dollars card  is ideal for you if you want huge cash back rewards and added protection on your purchases. Apply today!